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Thursday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 80 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 104.

Fished most of yesterday with an old friend. One of a few who is not afraid I might croak in front of them.

LOL, Alan. I know what you mean. Less than two months after my surgery, I was riding with friends when I took a rough turn too fast, went down, and skidded a ways on my side. These friends had seen my scar. They were just sure I was split wide open, but I only suffered some minor road rash on my arse.

Lillian, I hope your cold is better today. Most years, we only have a few days over 100 degrees. If this streak lasts through Saturday, that will tie for the second longest streak of 100 degree days ever.

Stephanie, I hope you're feeling better today. Time for me to get back to work. Have a great day, all!

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Good morning Bud and everyone else. I am feeling a little better. It is just that my ears make me feel strange sometimes. I am never really dizzy but feel like it wouldn't take much to be. If that would clear and the tickle that sends me into coughing fits, I would feel pretty good considering.

The weather is just crazy this year everywhere. Either record heat or record rain or drought, even those big sand storms in Arizona. It feels almost like someone is trying to tell us something!

I hope everyone is doing ok today. I am going to try and pass the vacuum. My carpet is needing it really bad and I hate to stir up the dust but it is getting to me anyway. Between the allergies and the sciatica I haven't done much sense my daughter left a week ago today. So I guess I will get busy and check back later today.

Just one thing has me confused. Katie has asked for prayers for her brother's family on facebook and posted the story about a drowning. Is that her brother that drowned or just a close friend

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Good afternoon!

It's 12:20 and I just got up! I couldn't sleep last night and was up until about 3:00AM. It was not for any particular reason, other than maybe my brain was doing the happy dance. LOL.

It's overcast again, and threatening to storm. What we got last night was unreal. Strange weather year for sure Bud and Lil.

Today I have nothing to do. I have lots that needs to be done, but the heck with it. I'm taking a day off from everything. Gilda's is closed for their annual clubhouse cleaning and maintenance, so don't even have that! It's nice. I'm going to sit back and enjoy it.

Ok, hope you all have a great day today!

Judy in MI

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Oh and Alan, I laughed at the 2 months and 3 weeks "worry" comment. Amen to that! LOL. I won't be as anxious the next time. This time it was because we thought it grew in April. Now that it didn't, I won't be so anxious.

Thanks to everyone for their posts and support!

Judy in MI

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Don't know about you but something is definitely wrong with the clocks here today - they simply are not moving!

I dropped my car off for service this morning and then went to court with the brat. GOOD news for once - they have found a program close - that is 120 day inpatient with therapy for him and family. The judge gave him 30 days suspended for 2 charges today and we will go back in August for the rest of the charges. If he does what he is supposed to do the judge looked at him and told him he would suspend the rest of the charges. So - it's time for him to shape up or.... The place they found is here in the area - has substance abuse, mental and group therapy - just to name the first few. It is absolutely perfect for his problems and underlying unresolved issues - hopefully to address it all. I am absolutely feeling great about his possibilities as long as he begins to learn himself! I still have to deal with the School Board - and the expulsion issue - even though we know he won't be going I just don't want that on his record. So I have that hurdle - but at least in the mean time I won't be faced with "more" issues on his part.

I was delinquent yesterday - came into work at 6:30, when to a social services meeting, then back to work til 6:30 - so I didn't even bother to take my computer home last night. I will work a little late tonight but then we are going out to dinner - Chili's - yummy Chicken Fried Steak (not like they make in New Braunfels, Texas - but it will do).

I better run - I talked the Administrative Assistant into bringing her daughter in to the office today - so I have to get a bit of work done while they are out to lunch so I can chat later. She is only going in the 8th grade - but she is an intelligent young lady, loves school, plays the violin and worries about Marco just because she has a good home life. Wish all our kids were like her - well they were when they were born.

Check back later, (sorry for the book).


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HI all, haven't been on for awhile. Did get on and read the air for yesterday and today. Finally starting to feel like myself again, have treatment again on Tuesday of course! We have my in laws visiting this week from North Carolina, which has been nice. Unfortunately they did not bring any cold weather with them to enjoy, but that's okay. Katie, I am with you, ready for those cooler temps in Seattle!! Will have to find my layers to take along! Thank you for thinking of me, it has been kind of a rough couple weeks, but getting better.

Eric's pics are fun to look at, can't believe how much you have seen already! So happy for Judy's good news. I unfortunately have a heck of a time remembering these days, so I apologize for not addressing everyone that has posted. Hope the rest of the week goes well for you all-if the temps cool we are hoping to go out in the boat over the weekend. We'll see! Happy Thursday!


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Good afternoon to you guys,

Cloudy with a chance for a shower here but still 90.,very muggy again too. Man, it's crazy to hear such good news from Judy,Mi. and then such an awful heartbreaker right away from another. I guess we all need to be grounded by these reality checks from time to time. My journey through this cancer life has taught me so many things. One of them is to expect a left turn at any time. I suppose it's all part of this rollercoaster ride. Nice to see Kasey back on the air. Hi Kasey. well bye for now.

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Good Evening Everyone,

Wednesday was really a lost day for me,I still have this cold,and a cough which kept me awake during the night.I decided to get up early yesterday and do my laundry,there's a washing machine and drier on the top floor,machines done their job,so back to my room to iron all my polo and T-shirts,I also picked up my dry cleaned trousers from the lobby.I was really done in after my efforts,so I put the do not disturb sign on the outside of my door and went back to bed,well I slept until my phone rang late in the afternoon,it was Sally,we chatted for a while,I then showered and got dressed,decided to search out a pharmacy downtown,got some pills called Mucinex,hopefully they will clear my cough and the phlegm I keep bringing up,sorry,not the best of writing to share.

Well today I am determined is not going to be another wasted day,so out and about-on foot-walked to the Planetarium,they had an excellent 3D film about the universe,its beginnings,black holes,white dwarfs,red giants,two galaxies colliding and supernovas etc,also a visit to an imaginery planet,the film was just wonderful,cannot share it with you photography is banned throughout the performance,another show I viewed was the night sky over Chicago,minus the light pollution from the city,a super visit.

I also visited the Field Museum,nothing visible from the outside really which would indicate what the building contained?oh there was a poster of a horse and a whale.Well as it turns out it was a Museum of Natural History,$22 to get in,slight grumbles from Eric,(museums in Glasgow are all free admittance,to ensure those less well off are not prevented from visiting)well didnt take long to appreciate this was one of the best spent $22 on my holidays,the place was enormous and bursting at the seams with all kinds of interesting exhibits,it has three floors,however despite my enthuseism,my tired wee legs couldnt contemplate the basement floor,so it was head off home time.I have downloaded my pics into facebook,this group might not be everyone's cup of tea,but I want to share every part of my journey with you and my family and friends back home.

Gosh there's so much I have missed here since yesterday,please forgive if I have lost some of the plots.

Hi Janet,Sorry I missed you too,I was going to meet up with Nick at New Haven,but he had'nt been around the forum for a while,so I didnt connect with him,I think I had read somewhere,he was packing his bags to go somewhere about the time I was passing?.I am really so pleased to hear,you are going to meet up with JudyKW,oh how I would love to be there.

Thanks KatieB for your kind thoughts regarding my rotten cold,I have just decided now to ignore it,you are so right the LUNGevity Girls are just the Bees Knees,they have done me proud,thanks girls.

Hi Sara,I have'nt stopped thinking about you,good to see you,looking forward to meeting up with you in Seattle shortly,hope everything is going well for you.

Hi Allan,I really am sorry that you are having to settle for looking at my pics rather than accompanying me along my travels through America.

Thanks to everyone who has mentioned that they are enjoying my pics and rumblings as I carry on my journey through America,just to say I am having the most enjoyable time of my life,I just dont want this to end.Bye for now.

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