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Saturday's Air


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Morning All! Came in and thought I'd do a quick read on the balance of Friday's Air. LOL So good to see so many onboard.

Janet, how well I remember those days with Dominick. I look back often and am grateful I was only in my fifties when he was born. I had the energy to play like I never played as a child. Still love to be with him now that he's a handsome twelve-year-old-looking like sixteen but it's not the same. Those "little" years are not to be forgotten. Cannot believe you did that MRI without Ativan!

Bud, you kayak fishing reminds me of the days when we fished in a cannoe. We did have a little electric motor. We did a little river that in some places had little water and a rocky bed. Stan used to get out and pull me through. He wouldn't let me help. Said I'd fall and break my neck and then what would he do LOL! That was honestly my favorite fishing, that and a very little lake where we'd see deer at dusk sigh.

Eric, this truly is a vacation to beat all vacations. And up pops Donna. Hope you two get to connect. Meeting LCSC friends on my working trips with Stan make it great for me. And Stephanie, how lucky Eric is to have you. I am so impressed with your research and knowledge of areas from online friends. If I ever get to travel out of my present zone, I will definitely make you my tour guide.

Judy, so glad you finally got something to handle the naseau. We used to have the premier fowarding following us around to campgrounds or people we would be seeing on the way. This time it's just to my cousin's house in NJ. That's easier than chasing it around.

Annette, you have had your nose to the grindstone lately. Hope you don't have to take work home this weekend. Aren't you due for a weekend in the country? And it sounds like you've been around a bit too. You seem to be able to offer more than a bit of first hand experience to Eric.

Need to get going. My sweetie has offered to acommpany me to town again. Love being chauffered (sp?). Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning - I got up at 7 a.m. - that is not like me - I'm more of a brunch ariser. So I sat outside and read for a while - now I am doing everything I can to put off working. Yep - I brought some work home. Just found out yesterday this huge project has a deadline of Sept. 15 and I'm used to doing the work with a 4 month deadline. I gotta say that I may have goofed off a little at work this week. Our Administrative Assistant brought her 12 year old daughter in. And Annette can't resist spending time with this smart young lady. So we played war - she tromped me Thursday - and I came back and got her Friday - so hopefully she will get to come in next week for the championship. (Goofing off is important!) We also have to spend hours on a phone call since we are not in St. Paul Thursday and Friday - which is bad because Marco is going to be transferred to the substance abuse place. How am I going to be in two places at once - gotta work on that one.

Funny, it just crossed my mind that if Judy (KW) was here she could be me at the meeting - although she has a much bigger and better personality - it would be awesome to have her "counseling" brains for a little bit. We look a bit a like too - cause everyone else is so darn tall. (LOL - right Judy).

Better get my behind to work,


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Good Morning Everyone,

Just a quick post,got to get moving,still to shower and dress,some packing still to do,before checking out.

Hi Stephanie,As JudyKW mentioned,thank you for the information you have provided for me on my journey,I really had to laugh when you wrote -St Pauls/Minneapolis-Another city you know very little about,then proceed to provide me with enough infro that you could start tomorrow in their tourist information bureau.Think I am going to need more than three days stay to cover all the ground.

Hi Annette,Oh how I wish you could have come up here to attend your business meeting,I would have added a couple of days to my stay to tie in with you.Its too bad wayward can get in the way of other things you would have preferred to do.Hope his "Retreat" works the some majic on him,and has a positive experience on his life.

Got to go,thats the maid at the door,gosh they dont give you a minute here,check outs supposed to be 12 noon,well I wont be able to keep in touch with you all until to-morrow,there is no wi-fi on Amtrak trains,despite their publicity burb telling people there is.I did try to limit my train journies to a 4hr limit,to stop getting a numb bum sitting too long,well the best laid schemes O' mice and men aft gang astray,as oor Rabbi Burns would say-my upcoming journey is 8 hours;phew-and the distance on the map between the cities looks so small?

Have a nice weekend ,hope everyone can relax and have some fun.Bye.

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Happy Saturday! Well I got up to listen to R's radio show, and it is a train wreck! The radio station forgot it' was a remote, at the Coast Guard Festival, and they had to scramble to get set up. I wish I hadn't listened in because it bums me out that it was such an awful show. Oh well, let it go.

It's a beautiful day! 88 degrees, sun shining. So thankful for days like this. We had a lovely date night last night. Found a lake side restaurant, with a guy playing on keyboards. We enjoyed some appetisers and a glass of wine. It was relaxing and very nice.

Eric, I hope you and Donna can get together! How fun.

It's been fun reading about everyone's life!

Judy in MI

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Hi everyone! I've been reading the air every day but not contributing lately. I don't know why. I'm already sick of the heat. But enjoying the pool with it's new liner! It's looks wonderful and new. Some days the water feels like bath water tho with the temps being so high. We've also been enjoying our small garden. A couple of years ago hubby built some raised garden boxes (mainly because the dirt here is hard red clay) and we plant tomatoes, squash, bell peppers and this year some okra. Everything has done well this year as long as we water it every couple of days. We need rain.


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Not me Katie, I don't want summer to end. I love the fall but as I get older, I could do without shoveling snow. I just typed a nice air and poof it was gone. No matter really. I kinda wanted to find out why Eric didn't eat a Chicago dog before leaving town. Nice to see alot of people back on here. Paulette, I couldn't imagine putting in my own pool liner. We had ours done about 3 years ago. Sure hope it lasts as long as the last one. Water has been almost as warm as the air. Well, 3:30 so going out poolside for happy hour. See you all later. Alan

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Hi Allan,

Sorry I didnt mention it specifically but I did order and eat a Chicago hot dog,at the Navy pier,I hope that was the one to try LOL.Now move on to the other channel,to the Sunday Air,its 12.20am.I cannot be here at this time.

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Good day all

Had a very mixed bag of weather this last week. From almost summer to very cold then snow more cold with icy wind back to summer type weather all in one week.

we also had a very large crane lift and that was delayed for a week due to some technical problems and the weather.

heres a picture of the snow. Will post more and some of the crane lift.

Bye for now



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