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Monday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 80 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 109. July became the first month I ever remember where it was 100+ degrees every day of the month.

On Saturday, I did the hilly 70 mile route at the Goatneck Bike Ride. I was slower than last year at Goatneck, and pretty wiped out at the finish. I don't know if riding to work all 5 days last week had me on tired legs, forgetting my carb drink mix slowed me down, or if I'm just getting feeble in my old age.

Speaking of unhealthy food, after Goatneck I stopped at a Dairy Queen and had an extra long chili cheesedog and a turtle pecan cluster blizzard. I don't eat anything that unhealthy often, but it went down well after all the heat and hills.

All of my pedaling on Sunday was on Lake Benbrook in my kayak. Fishing was tough but I did catch a few nice fish. Have a great day, all!


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Nice crappie Bud!!

This is so funny. I wanted to post on the Air today (very early)and it wasn't up yet for Monday so I thought I'd better not start it as I'm not a regular poster. I went on about my day.

I've been outside cleaning my car for my big trip to Wisconsin on Thursday. I've decided to become a SunBird (reverse SnoBird I think) and leave Florida for August and September because it's too hot. Well, I just came in to check to see who started the Air today and thanks to Bud I can now join in.

No big news here. It's hot and humid (not as hot as Texas though) with showers expected later.

I enjoy all your posts on the Air and other topics. I love all the humor and honesty. Eric's trip has been an absolute joy to watch, Bud I certainly envy your fishing excursions as Bill and I used to fish alot. KW Judy....I think of you often and miss not seeing you again. I'm missing traveling in our RV. MI Judy.....I feel like I know you. Somehow we need to meet one day. And all you other good folks, I'm just happy to be part of the family.

Even though it's been over 3 years since Bill is gone, I still feel that I need to be a part of you all.

Enjoy the day

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Good Morning Everyone,

I know for all you workers its Monday,hope it passes without giving you much hassle.I am just about to head off to explore the nether regions of St Pauls/Minneapolis,for the first time since I arrived in the USA,I dont have a plan for the day,maybe I will find a city tour bus to show me around the cities?.DonnaG,if you read this post and you have some free time on your hands,I would love to meet up with you,today or tomorrow,you have my invitation to lunch/dinner,my cellphone number is -804-356-6571.

Hi Bud,you getting over th hill,I dont think so,having just completed the hilly 70mile Goatneck Bike Ride,in the Texan heat? I still figure you are from Krypton,nice fish.I actually watched a fishing prog here last night on TV,it was about a couple of guys travelling around the lakes in Canada,most of the time they were doing catch and release,some of the fish they hooked were enormous,I would have loved to have gone on such a trip.

Hi Laurie,Thanks for your comment regarding my wee trip around the USof A,I am so enjoying myself.Its so good for us that you have stayed with us after losing Bill three years ago.I hope you have a super time as you set off for Wisconsin,are you driving all that way from Florida?surely not,I get tired just driving into Glasgow from Airdrie LOL.

Well I am off,dont want to upset the maid by remaining in here,ruining her routine,I will post in later to let you know how my day went.Bye.

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Good morning all!

Well, yesterday's Air was so full of great posts, and lots of news! I love it when it's like that.

Laurie, thank you so much. And I'm glad you stayed here. I think Bill would be glad that you stayed and maintained your friendships here. Being a Sun Bird is probably a good idea. R's brother in Texas usually heads North in August too. However, with how hot it has been this year, we told him to not bother. I hope it cools down for you.

Eric, your stories are just a delight to read. Of course everywhere you go, you are welcomed and treated like royalty! The church story was awesome, as was the train story with Stewart. I hope you and Donna G. meet up today.

Bud, after 70 miles in hot hot weather, I think the chili dog was ample reward!

Hope everyone has a fantastic Monday! It's another scorcher here - don't even want to think about how huge my electric bill will be for non-stop A/C for over a month.

Judy in MI

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It is definitely Monday out there. I can tell because my head keeps wanting to lay down on the mound of paperwork. (Wait - how do I distinguish that between Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday?) I'm not sure about Bud slowing down - but I know my brain is in reverse - maybe I need to put peddles on my office chair.

Had a very lazy Sunday but had to stay up until 11 to watch the Bachelorette (of course i will have to stay up to watch the finale tonight too). That's got to be the one thing I miss most about Texas. Shows start at 7 and go off at 10 for the news. I still wouldn't watch the news but then I could catch all my shows and still get to read before sleep.

Eric - I hope you have a good day in MN - loved the story about stumbling on the church and so glad that you are being treated right by everyone you meet. (of course - I think that has everything to do with you!). I hope DonnaG gets to call you - I had sent her your number via pm but I don't know how often she gets to check the site - if she is like me it sometimes takes me days before I realize I have a message.

Laurie (?) - I know how much this site and everyone here means to me so I understand how easy it is to stay. So many to miss, and so many to support during our continued battle. So like another arm of the family to share and care with.

Lillian - how's that cold - I'm hoping you are feeling better and resting.

Where is Judy (KW) - are you feeling okay? I won't tell you how hard it was to contain the belly laugh after the bike riding story. Followed by a "Stan has a good point - what could three wheels hurt" - I feel like I would have a better chance of not getting run over if I wasn't hanging on for dear life with the bike wobbling below me because I haven't ridden for well let's see - Sunday will be my .... 22nd anniversary of my 29th birthday - so I was about 16 the last time I rode. Yep a big trike is definitely attractive to me.

Judy (MI) - you beat me in with your post - hope you rested your foot this weekend - why move with this heat. I have even had to buy a little fan for my office it is so hot even with the AC.

Guess I better attack a pile of paperwork. (I can't tell you how many times I have restacked it to try and make it look smaller - it just does not work. I may just have to change offices and start over - there was a desk here several years ago.)

Check back in later,


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Good morning all!

Bud - I hate to excercise - always have. (And, unfortunately my sister was my phys. ed teacher in high school!) Reading your posts about bike rides in 100 degree heat exhaust me! I feel like living vicariously through you I AM exercising!

Just like I feel I am seeing America vicariously through Eric!

Laban (Laurie) - Wisconsin is one of the places I have always wanted to see - and it seems like this is the perfect time of year to be there - travel safely!

Judy in MI - we have no air conditioning - just fans - and I am worried about the bill. We did just get air in one of our cars - we are planning two several hour trips and I thought me might die without it!

Annette - I don't watch the Bachorlette - but I AM addicted to Project Runway and stayed up til 1 last night to watch this weeks episode, which I missed on Thursday - crazy what we do!

I am having a rough day - I have not felt well all summer - and I did too much yesterday with my men gone. Today I am headed off in a couple of hours to see my daughters in Boston. My oldest lives there, my other daughter lives in NYC but she is in Boston for a few days. We have tickets to see the Sox tomorrow. In this house we live and breathe the Red Sox! Anyway - normally I would drive - but I am not driving much these days (double vision is back) so I am hopping on the Amtrak. Luckily I can get on it about 1/2 mile from home and get off a block from my daughter's office. Hopefully I can sleep on the train and feel rested when I get there. I try so hard to be my old self when I am with my kids - but it is hard for any one to keep up with my two daughters! They DO keep me laughing!

Have a wonderful day everyone!


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Well, I'm back! Already. Annette, you just crack me up! Your old sense of humor is back and it is greatly appreciated. I loved the comment about restacking the piles of paper to make them look smaller. So funny! Thank you always for the laughs, my funny friend.

Janet, getting from CN to Boston so quickly is something that I really miss from living out East. I hope you enjoy your travels, your daughters, and everything else. You don't talk much about what you are going through. And yet, your signature tells the story. I just want you to know that you inspire me. More than I can ever say. Thank you.

Judy in MI

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Morning All! Laurie, now you just start the Air anytime you want. There is not formula. Good morning is good enough. I envy you going to WI. I'm afraid OH and NJ are just not far enough to cool off this year. And believe me, we'll get together again in Orlando. Don't think I'll ever be done going to MDA. Nice to think about, but no, probably not.

Bud, I can't tell you how good it made me feel that you had a great "bad food" day. And as far as the ride being tough, it was a good one if you didn't fall off (see my "ride" on Sunday).

Annette, Judy thinks the restacking is a joke. When I was running St Leo College here on the Air Base, I never caught up with paperwork. Reorganizing it always made me feel like I was getting a fresh start. Well, it felt like it anyway. I hate it that you are so busy. And my late entry today was because I had to commandeer the washing machine before Stan got it. Then one chore led to another....

Eric, I guess you know we are all vicariously on vaca with you and seeing the States like many of us never will. I also am so glad that you are having such positive experiences with our fellow Americans. We need all the good PR we can get lol.

Janet, I know how exciting it must be to go and have quality time with your girls. I also know from going to NJ every year how tiring it can be. Try to pace yourself. Remember I had an extended bad time this year and am bouncing back nicely. Give yourself time.

Judy, stay cool and remember, we in FL run our ACs twelve months a year lol.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Thank you all for the warm welcome to "the air".

Yes Eric, Monday is a great day but mostly for those of us that are retired and yes, I'm driving to Wisconsin. I love to travel, especially on the road. Don't like to miss a thing. So happy you found the "right" church yesterday. All I can say to that is Amen and Amen. Hope you get to meet Donna G.

MI Judy. It's been in the 80's in Wisconsin. How come it's so different from Michigan? It's just across the big water. Sorry it's so hot where you are. The heat just drains me and I'm not sick so I really feel for all of you who have to deal with it. By the way, how's that foot? Are you keeping it elevated?

Hi Annette. I too am a Bachlorette follower. I also love DWTS and SYTYCD. They are just a few of my TV guilty pleasures. I am also a Food Network and HGTV snob. I have to say that I always look forward to your posts because you keep me smiling. Your humor is contagious. Keep it up.

Janet, I'm with you about the exercise thing. I just can't quite get myself out there in this heat. My treadmill is outside in the garage so that's a great excuse not to use it, too hot. Sorry you're having a rough day. Your trip to Boston sounds great but I hope you don't overdo. I'm sure your girls will take good care of you. Try and rest on the train. I love the lull of the ride to just sit back and relax.

Bud, talking about your DQ adventure is right up my ally when I allow myself to eat like that. Today I'm the lucky one getting ready for a colonoscopy tomorrow. Anyone who's had this done knows the fun stuff that happens the day prior. Woopee!

KW Judy. Those 3 wheelers are harder than they look. I love riding a bicycle but only when it's cool enough for me. Boy I sure do complain alot about the heat. Sorry. Wisconsin is a beautiful place to visit. I was born there and have lots of family up there. I moved to Orlando in 1976 but it's always nice to go home for the summers. I just hope they don't get too sick of me.

Blessings to you all on this Monday.

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Hi Laurie, My mother lives just north of you in Orange City. I was there last year for a week. Her family is from Racine, Wisc. They took me along when I was 2 for my great grandmother's funeral. I do remember the house was right by the lake and freighters would go by. We drove in the Nash. I think I slept alot. Anyway, be safe.

Here we go with the food again. A foot long chili cheese dog, MMM. I'll be right back. There's a DQ about 20 minutes away. Bud, you can have whatever you want I say.

Getting new neighbors today. Long story, we'll see how that goes. Susan's neices are coming for 2 weeks. They live on Vashon Island in Seattle. Gee, I should be going there.

have safe travels everybody. Fun seeing so many friends here.

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Hi Alan,

Isn't it a small world. What I love most about Wisconsin is the people. They have that very distinctive accent that is enjoyable and everyone (well almost everyone) is so darn nice. It's always a pleasure to go back and realize that there are still lots of nice people in this crazy world.

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Hey Alan!

Vashon Island's ferry drops you just south of Lincoln Park in West Seattle. Please invite the nieces to the Breathe Deep Walk August 13 (oh, maybe they will still be traveling?) Oh well, maybe next year.

Avastin infusion went pretty quickly today - so far so good. Sun is out, so I am hiding inside. Don't seem to be able handle much sunlight these days. Let's see, Avastin cuts off blood supply, I can't be out in the sun. Am I turning into a vampire? That steak was pretty darn good yesterday, nice and rare too.

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