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Fridays Air.

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Just thought I would sneak a post in when you are all asleep,hooray its Friday all you workers out there.Well at last after a bit of a sweat in finding a suitable hotel,some fully booked,some dont take bookings in the evening,I found one-The Dancing Bear Inn,what fun trying to reserve a room when the male owner is slightly deaf and trying to cope with a Scottish accent,his wife Heather (fine Scottish name)came to his rescue,I know nothing of the hotel,didnt see a pic of it online,but one thing is for sure this couple, who run it,are an absolute scream,they would make a great double act on TV.You know I have never stayed with a dancing bear before?.

Its just gone 2.30am,if things go to plan,the train pulls out of not so Grand Forks at 4.00am,arriving in Glacier Park East at 6.45pm tomorrow evening.Not really a journey length I wanted,but I will just have to bite the bullet.I have heard this train recently has been running up to 16 hours late in arriving at Glacier Park,apparently problems of flooding in some areas?.

Well have a great Friday everyone,hopefully I will be here tomorrow night,after a punctual arrival at the Dancing Bear.Time to pack my netbook,Bye,sorry no pics of Grand Forks,well think you deserve a break anyway.

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Good morning,

Hey Eric, glad you are leaving Not So Grand Forks! LOL. I can only imagine this Inn keeper, hard of hearing, trying to figure out what our Scottish friend is wishing for. LOL!!!!! Please do not give us a break from your pictures. We love them. Us Americans are living vicariously through you in your travels. Many of us have never been to the places you are at, and we totally enjoy hearig of your escapades!

Here, it is beautiful. Mid 60's, sun shining. Got a wake up call today. I booked an appointment for my dog's grooming for six weeks from today, and got a sobering moment when I saw the date; September 16!!!! No. September can not be just around the corner. But it is. Soon, we will be in the Autumn, and then the winter. Yikes! It's been such a long, hot summer that I kind of thought it would never end. LOL

We are looking forward to tomorrow. We are meeting R's brother and wife for dinner at one of our favorite places. Rose's diner in East Grand Rapids. It is exquisite. They have a huge deck outside, overlooking a gorgeous lake. The lake is dotted with sailboats, and people enjoying the water. I can't wait! I think they have a birthday surprise for me. Yeah me! Another birthday is a huge reason to celebrate! 57 years young in a few days.

The Cancer Walk (not cancel LOL) last night was incredible. The woman that came to tell her story is a young Mom of five. Her 14 year old son took his life. She shared how Gilda's club helped her and her large family cope with such a devastating loss. It brought tears to everyone's eyes. To be a part of such a wonderful organization is such an honor.

Well, have a slow day today. I'm going to take it and enjoy it. I hope you do too!

Judy in MI

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I believe that Eric just admitted to having an accent - I would have sworn he told me I had one not him. I know it's a long train ride - hopefully that was the only stop that will have not so good people. I have been amazed that you have stumbled on such good folks along the way - I was worried about that.

Not much but work going on around here. I can't even say it's Friday since I will be taking work home this weekend.

The kid was transferred to an in-patient substance abuse facility yesterday. Since I had an all day conference call at work I didn't get to go. But the social worker actually met my mom and drove them both over so my mom wouldn't get lost - cause one turn can really get her turned around (hmmm, maybe I should bring a game of pin the tail on the donkey home for her). I will get to see him Saturday and get the scoop on what is going on. Here's hoping he gets knocked in the head by the light. ... Wait - I mean sees the light.

Another morning of conference calls - my head is going to explode. I really would rather take a drink and book out by the apartment pool. Hmm - let's see it's 9:00 - how many hours til that can come true...feels like a million!

Judy (KW) - when exactly are you heading north? Maybe you could time the return so we could do a light lunch / brunch on your way back down.

Judy (MI) - when is your birthday? Mine is Sunday - A fellow Leo - we are great people!! I will be celebrating the 22nd anniversary of my 29th birthday. Just think in five years my daughter will be my twin. LOL

Hope all the new folks I've been seeing are reading the air - it would be fun to have some new "characters"

I'll check back later - Annette

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Morning All! Missed a whole day yesterday. Have been on the computer for hours now catching up in email and LCSC. Stan's fishing but I really have to get going. The packing is still not done.

Did more compute work for the business yesterday then lunch with my friend. Must admit, didn't do much but watch TV and take phone calls from family.

Eric, I've lost track, what state is Grand Forks in? I'm sorry you got this kind of response. Usually small town America is known for friendly folk. Maybe Alan's explanation is true but still, it's sad when people can't respond positively to a stranger. As for the check/in/out, it used to be out at 11am, in at 12 or 1. Since they've all gone to 3 pm check-in, I've found that they will give you a room early OR keep your bag for you at the desk. So sorry about your experience.

After missing yesterday altogether, can't respond to everyone but welcome back Janet, hope you have a great BD tomorrow Judy. And Annette, will have to wait and see. No advance plans this trip. Have to see how soon we need to get back to the hospital. Can't leave NJ til after the pj party. Ann, good to see you. Bud, glad to hear you're keeping an eye on the heartrate. Does that alert to dehydration as well?

I've probably missed somebody but have a good day all.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 84 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 109.

I won't be getting up at my usual 3:55 am time, starting Monday. I'll be getting up at 2:55 am. With record electricity use around here every day lately, the power company has threatened industrial users with rolling blackouts if they don't cut down, so my employer is going to start the day shift an hour earlier, start the 2nd shift later, and shut down a few hours during the hottest part of the afternoon.

They're going to let me off work at 2:00 pm. That should make for a lot cooler ride home; it's probably only a couple of degrees over 100 at 2:00 pm.

I'm probably just going to do a short bike ride from home tomorrow morning. Rose and I are going out tomorrow night to celebrate her birthday, which is Monday. I may just sleep in and stay home in the air conditioning on Sunday.

We were talking about going out tonight too, but I think we're going to just cancer that and stay home. :D

Ann, I know what you mean. It's been a very long week here too, and I'm ready for the weekend.

Janet, it's hard to beat a walk off homer for a great ending. Glad you enjoyed your trip.

Eric, I'm sure your Seattle stop will be a lot more fun. Wish I was going to be there for the walk.

Time for me to get back to work. Have a great day, all!

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Hi you guys,

No kidding, you guys crack me up. What a joy. Janet, I think living on the beach is everyone's ultimate dream. Too bad about the noisy place near you. Happy birthday to all you young ladies. Hope your celebrations and dinner dates don't have to be cancered. Eric, that is an absolute joke that happened to you. I'm glad you saw the humor in all of it. Well, I did. When the concierge asks you how many hours you'll need the room for, RUN.

Nieces arrive tomorrow. Lots planned to keep them busy. I bet they just want to watch tv. We the old farts will no doubt bore them to tears. I hope they enjoy HersheyPark as much as I will. Also a horseback tour of Gettysburg battlefields. A trip to coal country and mine tour too. They want to see how their grandfather and great grand father made their way in America. It also caused both of their early deaths by lung cancer.I have to convince them that their great uncle won't follow that course too. I've already convinced myself.

Have good weekends everybody, I'll look forward to more laughs later. Alan

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Wow I have been gone a few days and really can't catch up with everyone. Nice to see so many people here again. It had gotten slow for a while. I had my first of the month chores to do, shopping and paying bills, so I have kept busy. Don't spend as much time on the computer sense my back has been bothering me more.

I have found out that I am not super woman. I will restrict what I lift to the weight of a gallon jug of water. I should have known better but all of my life I have just rushed in and did what needed to be done without asking or waiting for help. I helped my husband through two back surgeries and saw all three of my children though back surgery. I don't want to go there :!:

My friend BENGAY is helping me some and using common sense is helping me more. Too bad I didn't find either of them sooner :roll:

Working 4 different sewing projects and watching Giants baseball. Today I am going to see Cowboys and Aliens with one of my neighbors and next Wednesday we are having our luau again. This time they will have to have more people helping out. This old body of mine has gone on strike.

Bud don't overdo out in that heat. Stay safe and if you go catch a good mess of fish and while eating them think about me and how much I would enjoy them. I have to get myself up and around better so I can try out my fishing hole again.

Judy have a safe trip and Annette try to enjoy the time you have without the kid. He is where he needs to be right now and you need a break from all of the drama. Eric love your photos and stories. I too enjoy seeing and hearing about places I have not been and re visiting those I have through you.

I know I am forgetting so many of you. Please know that you are all in my thoughts, prayers and best wishes even when I am MIA for a few days.

I hate to rub it in but then again maybe I do like to brag. Our high here yesterday was 89. It is supposed to climb back into the 100+ range for a few days but over all we have had one of the coolest summers on record. I think that you have all stole part of our heat and I truly thank you all :lol:

Have a good day all.

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Sun's coming out later and temperatures are headed to high 70's. But never fear, we have Blue Angels performing for the next three days. They come close enough to part my hair.

I've not been very good about the gym lately, sleeping till 10:00 or later. But I am catering to the kitties. Fill the bath sink with fresh water, sit on the couch and stroke the cat endlessly, play laser tag...

My birthday is next week, another Leo! You'd know it from my mane. It was super short at the Summit in May, but I haven't cut it since. Looking pretty shaggy. All the Tarceva curl is gone - it is straighter than it has been since I was 12.

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I have totally lost track - how many of us have birthdays this month - seems like a lot of great people (not that I am against the other ll signs - just you know Leos are generally awesome!)

Lillian - I believe that you can have some of this weather back next year okay - glad to share but I really think that we should share some of our cold weather with you this winter to make it equal.

Stephanie - I am a cat person!! Our cat is so spoiled we had a moth fly in and the cat was going crazy trying to get him so Keith went over, picked him up and held up by the ceiling so he could get it. I had a laser light but somehow it has disappeared - I keep forgetting to pick another up. Keith has some reading glasses that cast off a light when held just right and Kashew chases it now. He has a bunch of toys that he stores in food bowl - we move them he carts them back. (plays fetch too). We named him Kashew because my mom has a cat named Peanut - I think he needs a brother and/or sister named Walnut, Almond, Pistachio, hmm where is that PetSmart...

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You all are so great! I so look forward to the new posts each day.

So a strange thing happened today. Gibson, my hunting dog, got a squirrel hiding below our deck. He scared it up to the upper deck and the squirrel was terrified to come down with this big black dog barking at it. Eventually the dog gave up and came inside. The squirrel came up to the bird feeder, and DIED. Seriously. I'm not going out there to retrieve his body, rest in peace squirrel. R can get him when he gets home.

Life is so interesting isn't it?

Judy in MI

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