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Wednesday's Air


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Morning All! Oh my goodness, I am just losing it. I finally got on yesterday and posted on the Monday Air instead of Tuesday. Stan and I had quite the back and forth this morning about what day it is. I finally had to pull up my computer calendar to resolve it lol.

I spoke to each and every one of you yesterday in response to Monday's Air. Don't think I can do it again. We are in NJ parked in my sister/cousin's yard. She is 72 and still works. Her husband is a bit older and still works. Stan cooked dinner for them last night and it was great. Anne Marie's favorite--yellow tail we brought with us. If it wasn't for the Food Saver we wouldn't be able to have such great fish that's been frozen.

So glad to see you back Annette. No problem on the phone call. When I called I was hesitant because I gathered you are really backed up at work. Rest easy and enjoy less stress. Marco is where he needs to be right now. Let us know how your doctor's visit goes.

I called the onc's office in Mt Holly yesterday to set up my appointment for chemo. It left me stressed and frustrated. The woman was very nice and professional but didn't want to hear anything I had to say. So, I have an appointment with the onc, instructions to go to a lab in his office that probably doesn't access ports and no fixed appointment for the chemo. "I don't make chemo appointments but the doctor will take care of that." What????? I just hate setting these things up.

So will go to a late breakfast out at a great diner with my sister this morning. Stan's working on replacing the side mirrors on the coach that fell out while traveling. The second popped when we hit a pothole on the PA turnpike. $70+ dollars to drive on a road like a washboard.

Have a great day everyone. I'm going to try to keep remembering what day it is.

Judy in NJ

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 84 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 106.

I am the one to blame for turning yesterday's log on post into the Air......LOL. I replied after Lillian just like it was the Air, and only noticed late in the day that it wasn't. So, just like I had good sense, I changed the title to Tuesday's Air.

Sorry to hear about the shin splints, Stephanie. I got it early this year after doing a long ride on a bike other than the one I normally do long rides on. There never seems to be any predicting what might trigger it.

MI Judy, glad it turned out not to be a hernia. Phantom nerve pain is really aggravating (we who've had lung surgery know that all too well), but still better than another hernia, I think.

Good to hear from you, Karen. I feel for you, with all the chemo stuff you're putting up with. Putting together all the stuff for my blog last week, I was reminded of what a struggle it was for me, and I only got three rounds.

KW Judy, traveling always makes me lose track of days, so I won't hold that against you.

Good to hear from you, Annette and Ginny. Have a great day, all!

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Good morning everyone. Judy KW glad that you finally got in. My old way of logging in just isn't working and I lost my picture,. Don't have a clue as to how to put one up. If there is someone who can post one for me I will send it to you. Otherwise you will see my blank wall.

Glad to see you back Annette but sorry that you are not feeling well. I think having Marco in a facility right now is probably the very best thing for you and him. Take care of yourself right now. You deserve a break from all of the other stuff.

MI Judy I am so sorry that you are still having that problem. Men can be such little boys one minute and such a**es the next. Yes we do enable them to act the way they do. I began to realize that after 40 years and it was too late to change a bad situation without just ending it. Best thing for me but very hard on my family. Bud the heat and drought there and the big dust storm in Arizona are reminders of the 20s. I have seen pictures from that time that look a lot like what we are seeing now. Stay safe in the heat.

I know that I am forgetting many but can't think who and what to say right off hand. I know that Eric is getting ready to head home. I am so pleased that for the most part he saw the best of this country. He will have a lot of special memories.

Has anyone heard from Bruce lately? Wonder what is going on up in the Northern reaches.

Judy, Karen and Sara and Stephanie and all who are dealing with chemo and the issues that brings, I salute you. I know that it takes special people to deal with that all of the time and remain sane. God Bless and all of you with other issues as well.

Yes Judy connecting with friends from the past is really great. I lived in Louisiana for so many years and even when living in California my marriage had me disconnected from all of my school and even family friends. Having a chance to share some of those old memories with others is a real blessing to me.

Now I need to go out and try to walk for a while. Not doing a lot of walking again yet but trying. Just when I think I will be doing good the sciatica starts acting up again. I sure know how not to move furniture from now on :!: Back and leg pain and I have a problem with muscle spasms in my sides. I pulled that big muscle that goes around the middle of my body one time at work. The pain was the worse I have ever had and there was no relief. I didn't think a person could hurt that bad and not pass out. Boy was I wrong. Ever sense then I get spasms and the least I exercise the more often I get them. So I try to keep up with them and walking but it is just so easy to get lazy, especially when something is hurting already.

Oh well that is life. So many of you have so much more to worry about that I feel guilty complaining. Have a great day all.

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Hello all,

Well day 3 in the hotel. No calls. No emails. Still reading my books, and trying to sort things out. Nothing is sorted at all. Just going to stay where I'm at until I feel it's time to go and come to some conclusions, one way or another.

I'm heading out to meet with a man who has asked me to speak to his Rotary club next week. They want to increase awareness of cancer, and advocacy and volunteerism. Somehow he got a copy of one of my Lungevity articles, and wants me to be the speaker. Of course I will do that.

After, I'm meeting with a person who has asked me to help him build his web site. It keeps me busy.

Karen, glad to see you back! I didn't have the salt taste issue, but I did have the metal taste issue. Everything tasted like metal. Lost 35 pounds because eating was awful. I understand, and hope it passes soon.

Judy, welcome to Northern climes of Michigan with the nasty bumpy roads! I swear I get car sick from all the rocking and rolling! It seems like every road I get on is closed for repairs. It's a royal pain.

Lily, if you want my help with your picture, PM me. I'll need your login name and password, so I can get into your account. You'll have to trust me explicitely, but all I would do is add your picture, and get back out. I'd then PM you back and ask you to change your password so that I can't get back into your account again. Trust is key here.

Annette, I'm so glad to see you back. I was worried about you as well. Drop us a quick note when you can't be here so we don't try to walk around with all our toes and fingers crossed. The toe part is really difficult. LOL

Hi to everyone else! Hope you all have the best day you possibly can. I will too.

Judy in MI

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Hi you guys, tried to post yesterday but something happened again an poof it was gone. Then as I read the responses about men being jackasses, I figured no one would want to listen to me jabber. Yes KW Judy, Pa. roads are nasty. When I go to Baltimore, the sign that welcomes you to Maryland is accompanied by a sudden smoothness in the ride. On trips, it feels great to get to another state. Our roads are terrible. Mi. Judy, I hope all works out for you. Cancer truly changes our lives. I don't know what to say.,I'm sure it will resolve. Eric, looks like a fast trip home in the air. I know you had a great experience here in the U.S. An amazing journey and thanks for sharing it all with us. I saw you speak in Seattle thanks to U tube. Sorry I missed you. Like you said, we'll be here for 20 to 40 years so maybe someday. Have good days everybody. Alan

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Oh my, I am posting 2 days in a row and I really have nothing to report. It is 1:18pm now and since I only work Tues and Wed it is notw 3 hours and 42 minutes until my weekend.

As you can guess, I have a tee time tomorrow, friday and monday. Am going to Long Beach Island NJ this weekend. My son has a house there and I haven't seen him and his family (4 beautiful, smart and funny grandchildren) since June. Am missing them big time. But I hate the beach, sandy pants is not my thing. So hopefully, I will kayak on sat and then leave after bfast on sunday.

Never mentioned that I had a scare in June. Went in for a 'routine' colonoscopy and aspirated under sedation. Ended up in the hospital for 2 days. This is the 2nd time I have aspirated, need to research how this can be avoided. Scared the bejesus out of me.

Judy, KW, where are you in NJ?

Alan, some guys are jackasses and some are pussycats. But whatever, we gals like them.

Judy MI, wow, wish I could fly Dr. Phil to MI and help you sort this mess out. I hope no emails, no vm's no tc's because you told him not to. I ache for you. Through absolutely no fault on your part, your relationship has changed. I think that's why the vows so for richer or poorer.......... My hope is that his fingernails have been bitten to the quick and he will welcome you with open arms and a firm resolve to sort this all out.

Well I have been avoiding the bank reconciliation here in work long enough. It is the one from last March and I can not get the gosh darn thing to balance.

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Oh I do love a chatty air! Alan, I'm sorry about Lily's jackass remark. I think sometimes we forget we are "on the air" in mixed company. I sure don't think all men are jackasses. In fact, I like most I know.

Ginny, my bil and nephew live in Long Beach Island. My cousin summers at her house there. We are staying right now in Mt Holly NJ. It's about an hour drive from the shore. I'll be staying the weekend after Labor Day in Sea Isle which I believe is a distance from Long Beach Island. That's my annual ladies pj party. I go to the beach and sit on a chair with them but I'm not much on the beach anymore either. I was a sun bunny when I was younger but no more.

I'm going to put my two cents in on marital problems. You will never fix a problem by trying to fix the other person. It only works if you work on yourself first and lead by example, especially in the area of communication. And I speak from direct experience not just as a former counselor. Enough said.

Have a great evening everyone.

Judy in Mt Holly NJ

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KW Judy, I completely agree with you. I am reading "Boundaries in Marriage" right now, and am highlighting and underscoring for both of us. We need healthy boundaries, and we both need to respect each other's boundaries. It's going to take time to figure this out, and counseling is definitely going to be needd. He did text late last night "good night mrs. joppie, i love you". I just didn't see the text until 5:00PM today. i'm not much on texting. lol.

I am encouraged by what I'm reading, and think that if we can grasp this, we will have come a long way.


Judy in MI

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Good Evening Everyone,

I am sitting in a diner across the street from my hotel (free wi-fi),isnt my sister Irene funny,actually asking me if I have been resting up these last couple of days in preparation for my long journey home,no way Jose.My new found buddy Paul (the Boeing missile technician) flew out home this morning,we have shared some fun,these last days,I mentioned to him it would be fun to see a football game or baseball,before I go home,theres nothing I think more American than that,well Paul found out that the Seattle Mariners and the Canadian Blue Jays were playing here last night(isnt that a co-incidence because the Blue Jays is Janes team from Toronto.I just loved the occassion,I now actually have a grasp of its rules,enough to understand what the heck is going on,wish I had this experience some weeks ago,the nights I have sat in a bar,watching the proceedings on TV without understanding the game.

Spent my last day trying to find some additional prezzies for folks back home,downtown Seattle,also went back into Pike market,I really enjoy the buzz of this place,got quite a few pics to share as you may guess.Theres this mountain here Mt Rainer-what a beauty,I first saw this the day I arrived here,it was just like floating in the air with clouds at its base,since the weather has cleared its even more stunning,I would have loved to have gotten closer for a better look,well maybe next year.

I take off at 11.15am tomorrow arrive 19.30pm in Philleadelphia then depart for Glasgow at 21.05pm,so its going to be quite a plane ride,with a bit more thought I would have split this journey into two separate days at least,oh well its done now.I will be off air now until sometime late on Friday or even Saturday,I will then post in my Seattle pics.

I would like to thank everyone here for their support and encouragement as I travelled through America,it certainly has been a trip of a lifetime,one I will have memories of for the rest of my life.So look out next year,I may be passing somewhere near you-oh KatieB is organising a get to-gether for us in May 2012 in Washington DC,so I hope as many of you can make it,wouldnt it be such fun,so pencil in on your diaries.

Judy MI,I am so sorry to hear about relationship problems with Randy,goodness I am the last person to advise you,but I would say you are handling the situation with applomb,getting some space for yourself I can say with experience,has recharged my batteries and given me a new take on life,my best wishes that you both re-ignite your relationship.

Bye everyone,I know I have'nt replied to each one of you,but you know you are all in my thoughts.

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Well Eric,

I finally had a chance to hear some of the after party comments - none too surprising - you were a big hit with my friends! Thanks for spending the afternoon with us.

So glad you found a buddy for your time here. I'm afraid my hosting abilities went cold after being worn out from the Walk and a bit of anxiety over the scan and results. I looked for you in this video at Pike Place Market, today - but didn't spot you.

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First of all I want to say I am sorry if I hurt anyones feelings. I would never do that on purpose. What I had meant to say is that some men, not all, can be asses one minute then children the next. I doubt they even realize they are doing it. Just to say that they are not bad people they just somehow get up on the wrong side of the bed and want to spout off or they get their feelings hurt and act like children. Please forgive me if I gave the wrong impression. I know women can act the same way sometimes.

JudyMI I am so glad that you had that TEXT. I know that you were really hoping to hear from him. That shows that not all is lost you have room to come together again. You have been a caregiver and you know how frustrating it can be at times. You can be so angry at the situation and sometimes it comes out to the one you love as if you are angry with them. I think your birthday showed just how much he loves you. I pray that you will work it all out. It is not fun leaving a marriage even a bad one much less a good one.

Safe journys Eric you have inspired so many and spread so much awareness and goodwill. Thank you and so glad you got to see a baseball game. That is one of my favorite pass times, watching the games.

Judy KW thanks for reminding me to watch what I say and how I say them. Sometimes my thoughts don't keep up with the word I write. I hope that your trip is a good one the rest of the time and that chemo is not a problem again.

I know that I am missing many of you but it is getting late. I spent time after watching the game looking up a boy I went to school with on The Viet Nam wall. I alway suspected that he was killed there and my suspecions were confirmed today. I didn't find his name yet but know that I will in time. Such sad business even after all of these years. He was one of my best friends during several years of school. Take care all and again Alan and all of you other men I am very sorry if my comment made you feel bad. That was never my intention.

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