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and so the story continues


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(pardon my cross post with Grace)

I think the title says it all. In my world, that the story continues is the good news. But this chapter wasn't exactly what we would have written.

Scan results indicate "Interval enlargement of right hip headache." Okay, that was the joke. Addendum notes "right hepatic lobe". That's the unruly liver met from last November. 3 cycles on Avastin only, it has increased back to almost original size - now 6 x 5 cm versus 4 x 2 cm in late May. Not indolent. A couple of new 4 mm nodules scattered about in the lung. That's about it.

I also finally received my EGFR test results from two years ago - "Positive for the Following EGFR Mutation: 2235-2249 (E746-A750) deletion." Not surprising Tarceva was good, for a while anyway.

In the meantime, I got my B-12 injection today, am back on folic acid, and will start anew on Alimta (by itself) next week. Since this met showed up while on Tarceva, challenging it with that doesn't make sense to me or my oncologist. He offered Taxotere as an option - and while I am not kicking and screaming to keep my hair, I think seeing if Alimta was the good knight is worth a couple of months. Still not symptomatic. Alimta wasn't too tough for me (I did say, "No thank you" to additional carboplatin.)

Time to plan a vacation.

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Hang Tough on this one! Sayin prayers for great news during and after the treatment! We never used Alimta but so many here have had good luck you know !!

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Sorry for the bad news Stephanie but I'm hoping you get a good run from Alimta. I did and found it easy to take once I got the bowel issue figured out. My chest wall malignancy actually went into remission on it.

I know chewing on these new updates is tough but you are too. Give yourself a little time and focus on feeling as well as you can.

Judy in KW

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I can only offer a helpful suggestion with the Alimta - lot's of water. It helps with the muscle cramps etc. that seem to come on with later treatments.

I know this is a blow but let's hope Alimta is the hero in the next chapter.

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So sorry to read about you diagnosis Steph.... I could only imagine how hurt you were when you found out. I know that the many people on here who take Altima were very successful with it.

I know you know that we are thinking of you and pray that this works for you.


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