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Monday's Air


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Good morning everyone. Since it's 12:41 and I'm still awake, I thought I'd fling open the window and let Monday morning's "air" start really early. I hope everyone enjoys having an extra day off from work today. I'm going to take advantage of the day off and catch up on a lot of paperwork that I have to get done.

As some of you know, I was in Minneapolis for seen days, attending the American Legion Auxiliary National Convention. This was my first national convention and I was more than ready to get home. We had meetings every day and different banquets and dinners every evening. It seemed like the entire time was spent getting on the bus and getting off the bus. I was very impressed with Minneapolis. It was one of the cleanest cities I have ever been in. Our hotel was within walking distance of the Metrodome. We did see the Vikings and Cowboys play on the Saturday night and we made time for a visit to the Mall of America. I would love to go back for a visit sometime. It was so nice to enjoy the nice evening temperatures. Cool weather is something we don't get any of here in Florida at this time of the year.

I returned home to bad news. A dear friend has just been diagnosed with lung cancer. I have been keeping a smile in front of her and being optimistic but it's sometimes hard to smile, especially when my personal memories come into play.

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6:16 a.m. here in Eastern PA, I think it would have been more fun to post at midnight, maybe after coming home from a party. Watching the weather, have an 8:24 tee time but it looks like rain is heading this way. Oh well, maybe this means I can finish cleaning some drawers and closets.

Hope all have plans for some fun today. It is the last hurrah of summer.

Have seen 2 good movies recently, The Help and Sarah's Key. I read both books and while not always happy with the film adaptations, I thought both of these movies stayed true to the books. Hope to see The Debt soon, I am a Helen Mirren admirer.

My friend Jeanne, who has lc, has disappeared off the radar. We all know that she is very private but she has become a total recluse. If we call, they don't answer. We get very generic emails from her daughter. We are all sending cards and notes to let her know we are thinking about her. Sad.

I think I have mentioned before that I am a reality show addict. New seasons of shows, Amazing Race, Survivor etc, start soon, got my DVR set to go.

Off to check the radar. Happy Labor Day to all.

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Up early (8 am) today to see M's sister off (she spent the night). We had raspberry coffee cake I made yesterday, and fruit and coffee. I'm ready for a nap, except for the coffee!

Earlier this week, we watched "The Debt" - a foreign film (Hebrew and German, with subtitles) that was made in 2007 - it was on cable. Good story, well made. I'm not sure if that makes watching the Helen Mirren version less likely.

It has been a rough couple of weeks - but yesterday, since I knew we had company and a party to go to last night, I did my best to rally and it worked pretty well! I took a short nap, took some ibuprofen, drank lots of water, used a heating pad on the troubled spots, ate a snack, and had a late latte. I did pretty well for almost an hour last night, then found a quiet spot to sit and stare into the room until they were also ready to go.

Not much planned this week - hopefully no more episodes! I guess this week is my 3yr discoversity? That's something to celebrate!

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We have grandkids coming today for a BBQ, so am excited to see them. Unfortunately there seems to be some wildland fires up towards Bend and the smoke is drifing south into our valley. Most people don't notice it, but I start wheezing and coughing if I'm outside for more than a few minutes. I really wanted to eat outdoors as the grandkids love being outside, but doesn't look like that will happen today.

Stephanie, it sounds like you've had a good weekend thus far - the raspberry coffee cake sounds wonderful! 3 years is definitely something to celebrate!

Ann - am so sorry about your friend. It is hard to always seem optimitic. A close friend of mind was just dx with breast cancer. I find I really have to be careful of what I say because she doesn't even have a treatment plan in place yet and is terrified. She needs optimism and hope - not necessarily my reality at this point in time.

I haven't seen The Debt, but did see The Help. A friend took me (I hadn't even heard of it), and she didn't like it, but I really enjoyed it. I grew up in a suburb of DC, and went to a lot of the civil rights marches in the 60s - I also lived in the south at Ft. Bragg during the late 60s when my husband was in the service. Just brought back lots of memories.

I hope everyone has a safe and peaceful Labor Day!


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Randy - I'll bet its changed a lot!! Was a pretty small town (aside from the base of course) when I was there '67-'69. Lots and lots of great memories. They had a wonderful drive-in movie theatre, and an A&W drive in - complete with carhops - where we'd eat once a month - on payday - a real treat!

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Hello all,

It's not like me to miss a post and I missed two days worth. Have been spending a lot of time at the hospital with my Uncle. We did manage to get him sprung from the bad hospital that wanted to put him in the psych ward. Thank God. He has improved 1000% since getting out of there.

I didn't see him today, decided to take a day off and let him and his daughter and grand kids enjoy his company. I'll help out where I can for my cousin this week while she tries to get back in the swing of things at work.

I'm sorry for all the bad weather out there. We had a tremendous cool down, and it's 60 out right now. We are delighting in sweathshirts and jeans! It will warm back up again, but the 90's are a thing of the past now. No complaints here.

I'm sorry also about all the bad news posted here of folks diagnosed, or reclusing, or going down hill. I hate cancer.

Anyway, we enjoyed a nice long weekend, with wonderful sunny and cool weather. Glad to see so many that made it here to the boards! That's way cool.

Judy in MI

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Good Evening Everyone,

Ye Gods,I thought I would have plenty of time on my hands since my retirement to keep up to date here,I have just let everything slip,I dont know what I have being doing with my time,buzy doing nothing I suppose,but everything is just whizzing by.Weather warm,late sixties,cloudy bright.

Finally got up and out to the gym early today,I have taken out a one year off peak membership (Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm,just perfect for me)the girl asked, do I want to pay up front or monthly by direct debit,well I have just retired so I think DD would suit me better,well the good news, on telling her this ,I get a further discount from £32/month down to £27/month- hoorah,sweet music to a Scots ears.

My cars going into the garage for repair on Wednesday morning,something pretty serious,I put my iPod USB into the cars port and the song appears on the radio but its mute,so hopefully it can be fixed.

Alan the new volunteer co-ordinator for the Roy Castle LC Foundation.org phoned me last week,I am having lunch with him tomorrow at 1pm,think he looking for some support from me,but I dont know what he has in mind,hopefully something worthwhile and I can enjoy.I have the monthly meeting of the Stobhill Lung Cancer Support group on Wed pm.

Bowling season starts next week,so out Tues and Thurs evenings,Thursdays are really starting fill up,I have been invited to join the Anniesland College new choir,first rehearsal this Thurs 4,14pm-5.15pm,bit of nuisance of timing since I was wanting to rejoin the food run at the same time,oh life is so difficult fitting everything in.

Think thats my diary report complete.Stephanie I am so sorry to read about your health probs ,hopefully these will pass soon as.

Seems I am not the only MIA of recent days? where is everyone? time to expedite the didgit.Bye for now.

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Thanks for Posting up everyone!!!

Eric Hope Ya get the radio fixed easily!! your so very busy for a retired man!!

Judy Hope You get some great news soon on the Condition He is in! and hope he improves!!

Ft Bragg has changed a lot since then!

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Hi everyone. Quiet day here for me. Worked on my embroidery for a while then went to Applebees and picked up some lunch. Came home and watched the game. Giants won this time. Young pitcher just 22 is great in his second season.

Eric when I retired I thought of all the things I wanted to do and guess what? Time just seems to fly by and I do a lot but not everything that I wanted to. I think it is because the older we get the slower we move, at least that is so in my case. Days that seem like I just don't have a minute for myself and others I say the heck with it hall an be lazy.

Ann sorry about your friend. It seems like every day I hear of someone with some kind of cancer. Too bad the money spent on so many useless things can't go to end that menace once and for all. Anyway looks like you had a nice trip even if you were pretty busy.

Randy and Diane My son was stationed at Fort Bragg. I really love the FayetteVille area but as you can imagine after he went to war in 1990 I was much happier when he came home and got out of the service. My granddaughter Bridget turned 21 today. She was born there in Womac Hospital. Twelve days later my son left for Saudie. Those days still cause me upset. I can't talk about it without crying. Too many young women were left behind to have their babies without their husbands.

I hope all are well and safe from the flooding and storms. My family faired good in HOuma just a lot of rain that ruined a lot of holiday plans. At least it cleared up so Bridget could go out for her birthday. Her cousin, my other granddaughter was taking her for a pedicure and dinner. She says sense she can't party because she is pregnant she is going to buy a lotto ticket and a 6 pack of beer for her dad because she is finally legal and that is all she is able to do :!:

Well time to run and see what is for my late meal then outside for a while. Maybe we will play our game tonight.

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