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Sunday's Air


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Morning All! Beautiful day in Key West. We're having hot temps but this morning on our screen porch was great. We go out early and have fans and there's usually a little breeze off the canal. A couple of tiny unidentified migrating birds visited even though we forgot to bring food home from the mainland. We stick to nonmelting suet that we can't usually get here. It helps avoid rodents attracked by falling seeds.

Randy, I'm feeling for you. Nothing worse than seeing someone you care for not being cared for properly. Being in a position where you have no control over the situation makes it that much worse. Wish I could send you an extra dozen eggs.

Yesterday was the worst day of my chemo life in so long I can't remember. I spent it going back and forth with intense pain in my lower abdomen (thank goodness or I'd think it was the cancer). Went just enough to confirm it wasn't constipation. In fact I lost 3 lbs in one day! Not the norm for me under any circumstances. Fortunately around 3 pm I was so exhausted I took a nap. Ate a little dinner and continued the misery of the day until I finally gave up and went to bed at 9. I still have slight pain this morning but slept through the night. Will eat easy soft foods today and hope it's run it's course.

So much for taking the weekend off. Didn't get anything done or have fun. Hope you all have a great day and hope mine is tolerable lol.

Judy in KW

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its not so much the quality of the care that I am upset with but more so the way they do things within the system! I am learning things I never knew about and just do not like it! Its a beautiful day here in NC and might go for a ride up to the mountain for a bit before racing starts!!

Dad slept last night but was restless and talking in his sleep they said so maybe he is getting out of his ambien zone now!! I hope and pray! want to at least be able to hold a conversation with him when I go and see him> Moms turn today since she took yesterday off and If I go someone is gonna hear me coming 2 miles away!!! Much love and peace to all my Friends here and hope everyone has a great Sunday!!

Thanks for the support and listening ! It helps me !

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Good morning! We have been to church and back. Now, about ready to leave for my nephew's 13th birthday. It's cold here. Keeping the thermostat on 67 to try to save money on propane, and it's chilly. Time to put a turtle neck on under the sweatshirt.

Can't wait for the first hard freeze. The allergies are killing my nose. Poor thing gets so sore from all of this. But no complaints, this is minor in the scope of things.

Hope you all have a nice day!

MI Judy

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Good Evening Everyone,

Miserable weather here today,thankfully yesterday was a beautiful day,so we did take the Glasgow site seeing trip on a open top bus,despite my thoughts of of it being possibly a bit of a yawn,I had the most enjoyable time.Our ride was narrated throughout by a very knowlegeable and funny guy,who added to my pleasure of the trip.I did take some pics of course, approx 100,however,I tried to upload them into facebook and for some unknown reason its only picking up half that ammount,so I aborted,to figure out why? I would just hate to short change you guys,got to bore you to death fully.Well following the bus ride,its seach out a nice restaurant time,and we did,I ordered something I have'nt for such a long time-a mixed grill,what a platter arrived,OK I know,the diet starts to-morrow for real.

To-morrow sees the start of a new adventure for me,I am off first thing in the morning to Edinburgh,its the first meeting of the SIGN committee,to re-draft the Management of Patients with lung cancer.This is expected to take one year to produce.I have downloaded tomorrows agenda,looks like a very busy day,I really dont know what to expect,will I be out my depth?will I be able to make some positive contribution?anyway the people who invited me seem to think my attendance will be welcomed.I will of course let you know to-morrow evening how it all went.

Hi JudyKW,what a lousey time you are having,I am so sorry for you,just hope things are beginning to improve for you.

Randy,I can understand your frustations with the nursing home,I really dont know how your systems of care operate in the States,but seems your sister has a handle on it.Hopefully there is a new understanding all round and your dads care improves.Think I would arrange an appointment with senior nursing persons to discuss your feelings with them.

Dinner gong has gone,got to go,enjoy the rest of Sunday everyone,bye.

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Evening all,

I have been a facebook and work junky all day - with the race and now football on. (I will have to stay up late since tomorrow is the game I am really interested in - being a Texas baby and all)

I have been researching every community in North Carolina - trying to find contact information - you would think I would be about sick of the computer by now - and I would be if I didn't have such a headache. (Please don't put these together - let me stay in my fog.)

Randy - I worked in a nursing home when I was 18. It was awful - no matter how hard a few people work to really helping there are a few that just should not be there. I still have very fond memories from conversations - the things I learned were amazing - such history and knowledge it was hard when the school job ended.

Judy - (KW) - sorry you are feeling ruff...I think you and Randy both need a hug! (And it wouldn't hurt me either).

I don't know where the day has gone - and tomorrow is that bad word Monday. I still have several hours of work I wanted to get through tonight but I guess I better eat something today.

Hope everyone has a great evening.


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