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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All! Shock is the emotion of the day. I cannot believe we lost our dear Annette. I hope she felt the love of all of us who kept reaching out. We may never know how her death came about.

Stephanie, so sorry about your infection but sleep is good. Waiting for scan results is no fun either but sleeping through the wait could help. I'll be watching for your Update.

I have to go. I'm too sad still to make small talk.

Judy in KW

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It was my priviledge and good fortune to have met Annette in person and keep her company for a few days during my visit to Richmond in July.She was so intelligent,witty and fun to be with,I have at least memories to last me all my lifetime of all the days I spent with her on that happy occassion,I also have many photographs as a record of the places we visited and of Annettes family,friends and neighbours that I can look back on.

It was my wish to return to Richmond next year,I think its important we all have in our lives every single day,that for tomorrow there is something special to look forward to,that something for me is now lost,my special friend is gone.

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Sometimes I just wonder when enough will be enough. She seemed to ba able to take fun out of life no matter how bad things were. When she quit posting I thought it may be something with her boy friend because she said she didn't want to trash anyone publicly. Seems her heart was broken and still she handled the situation with real class. Many of us would not have held back like she did. She was a real lady and once again I am shocked and sad.

I can't help but wonder now what will happen to her mom and nephew. Seems she was the only one there for them.

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