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What the hell... :evil::evil::evil:

Do you know what? Today the neurosurgeon told us, what the pathologist reported that the brain tumor's cell should be NON-SMALL CELL. WHAT the hell is that? My dad was diagnosised last year April at another governmental hospital and the pathologist reported that my dad's lung cacner is SMALL CELL carcinoma. Now we totally don't know what's going on ??

The neurosurgeon will ask for that specimen (last year april) for evaluation and see which diagnosis is correct. shi_......I can't believe it.......my dad received 9mths treatments for SMALL CELL. I don't know which one is correct :!::!::!::!:


I am so angry now. :evil::evil:

Except PCI, Is there any difference between Small Cell and Non-small cell treatment? Will non-small cell patients use Carbo + VP16 ??

It is weird, my dad had 90% response with the chemo and normally it will not happen on Non-small cell cancer patients. Am I right?

I am very confused now and I don't know what is the difference of treatments between two cells. All I have to do is waiting for current hospital to figure this out. We will try to reach the oncologist on the other hand.

What do you think?

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Cisplatin is also given for NSCLC.

You dad could have a large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma (that is what my mom had). It is almost like SCLC. This responds well to the same chemo as SCLC since it is also fast growing.

Pathologists don't always agree on the histology (cell type).

Some NSCLC and SCLC will respond to the same chemo.

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While it may be upsetting now, it sounds like the neurosurgeon was on the ball, and is going to sort things out for you.

In any case, the diagnosis is either going to mean the same thing or something better to treat.

I had VP-16 and cisplatin, it flattened my tumor pretty good.

I know the waiting is hard,

and it is incomprehensible how they could have gone this far and been way off.... They're just people too, and fallible.

Hang in there, honey,and wait for the results. Then you'll know for sure.

Meanwhile, try not to worry too much. It won't help.

Prayers for you and your dad...


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Honey hang in there don't let this derail you. Say shi_ as much as you want to. If we all said it as many times as we feel like it they would censor this board and wash all of our mouths out with soap. But hey A good washing never hurt anyone. Getting dirty is such a relief sometimes or dirty mouthed that it would be worth a little taste of soap!!!!!!!!

Don't buy trouble before you have to. Like the others have said this may be a very good thing. The one major draw back will be that you find it harder to trust what his doctors tell you anymore. In that case just ask for and get a second opinion. That will help put your mind at ease that he is getting the right treatment.

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You guys are so considering, after reading all your posts, it really helps me a lot. Got a real relieve in emotion.

Neurosurgeon said, my dad could be discharged next week (before Wed) and Brain MRI and PET/CT most likely will be done within 2 weeks. My dad will come back to visit the oncologists end of this month. The final confirmation of the cell type will also be done this month end. They will evaluate again.

Hope the final conclusion is correct and we cannot afford any human mistakes. My dad was suffered too many uncertainties and odds so far such as SARS, chemo schedule miscount, Recurrence, Possible Misdiagnosis etc. Certainly my dad got mad about the possible misdiagnosis. If this is misdiagnosed, he would not have to do PCI.

Anyway, now the final result is critical because it definitely affects future treatment strategies. Really critical !! Please pray for my dad.

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