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Morning All! Will have to make this quick. Stan and I are going to town. Spent way too much time this morning on a joker who was tagging a VERY LONG post numerous times to numerous topics. Had to email Katie that in the process I inadvertently deleted an old topic. I am so sad. Afraid it can't be fixed.

Tried to make the suject here purple but don't know if it will work--it's a special shout out to Ann, Becky, Bud--Ginny, are you working? Well, anyone else who qualifies as a working Jane or Joe--IT'S FRIDAY!

Slept well last night. Am running a few errands to avoid working too hard again today lol. I was in bed when I realized I only have two weeks til Thanksgiving, not three. Oh well....

Am looking forward to finding some nice mums to put in pots on the steps to my house entry. It's not very pretty and Mums in the Fall and Poinsettas in the window dress the area up.

Still hoping to go to the boat races this weekend but tragedy struck on Wed, the first day of races. Two crashes. Two deaths in one, two injured in the second. Takes some of the shine off our proposed outing.

Have a great day everyone. Will check in later.

Judy in KW

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Firstly a special welcome back JudyMI,you had me worried for a bit,but its so nice to have you back.

Fine Autumn day today,I just cannot believe how mild the weather has been so far in November,I still have roses in bloom,I tell you its all to do with global warming,or as my Mum used to say,its because the Russians put up that Sputnik.Well I am a wee bit disapointed,Sarah Swain of the Evening Times never got back to me?she had her own story in this newspaper yesterday,describing how her father became a victim of Lung Cancer at 54 years old and how he only survived 8 months,it was a really moving account,so she's forgiven for not getting back to me.Well as one door closes-another opens,I bet your are not going believe this one.Its a late invitation,its to happen this Tuesday 15th -6.00pm-9pm.The invitation is from the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation,I have been asked to accompany a delegation to the Scottish Parliament to present to the MSPs a document which forms an extensive survey of the UK,showing the regional variations of lung cancer provisions.My role is to deliver to the MSPs a speech titled "Why should Politicians make Lung Cancer a Priority",the speech should run for approx ten minutes.OK buddies thinking caps on-what would like like me to include?all suggestions greatly appreciated,it will make me feel you are at the meeting with me.

Was at my yoga class this morning,nothing on for the rest of the day.Sally has a addiction councillor looking after her now,her name is Joey,nice person, she has arranged for Sally to join a handicrafts class,just to give her an external interest,get her out of the house and meet new friends.Today was the first class,this morning I offered to drop her off en route to my yoga class,would you believe it shes high,unfit to go.Joey's just off the phone to me wondering where Sally got to,I could only tell her the truth,think she's really disapointed.Thats life.

Got to be up and out early tomorrow 7.00am,hope I dont sleep in,as I dont have a alarm clock,so early to bed just in case.Have a great weekend all,Bye.

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Well Becky, you red necked woman! LOL. Waaaaay to much information. Actually all he kept was the loins. He feels the same about a deer hit by a car too. He's taking the loins to deer camp for the guys. That is fine with me!

Eric, I hope that Joey can be active in Sally's life and help her back to freedom from the addiction. As for your speech? I think if the politicians realize that 60% of all new lung cancers in being diagnosed in non-smokers and folks that quit smoking 20 years ago, that it would be important. Also try to find statistics (maybe Katie can help) on how young people are being diagnosed now. It used to be an "old persons" disease. No so anymore. We need research to not only find out why, but to find a cure! It's so critical. In my little support group, there were five of us with LC, 3 were in their 30's.

Judy you sound so busy and I love hearing about your life. I love how you are living it so well! I love Mums. So beautiful. Sad about the accidents, but boat races are so exciting aren't they?

And a shout out of THANK YOU SO MUCH for all Veterans out there. Because of your service, we are free to believe what we want, do what we want and live how well we live. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

MI Judy

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Judy MI, I am so glad you have returned, you were very missed. You are not allowed to go away ever again and I very much enjoyed talking with you.

Judy KW, I only work 2 days, just enough to pay for my golf and out to dinner.

I usually only post on work days because my laptop was going crazy, cursor skipping all over the place. It was torturous to type, had to do 1 finger typing. Took it to Best Buy today and they disabled my touch pad, so I now use a mouse. Seems to have fixed the problem. At first they said I would need to leave it there. I developed heart palpitations. I CAN NOT BE W/O A COMPUTER. My desktop died and I am tethered to this darn small box.

Went to Colleen's funeral last Saturday. Sad, sad, sad. And it makes me mad, mad, mad. LC should be getting the publicity and funding that it deserves. I don't think that Colleen was ever not on some form of chemo for 5 years. She fought a valiant fight and showed her little Jack such love and courage.

Off to cook dinner.

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Ginny, if you have issues like the mousey problem again, let me know. Function = fn on your keyboard. Fn F9 disables your mouse on the computer. You hit Fn, then F9 pressing both together and it disables that pesky mouse and you can use an external mouse. I know, it took me forever to figure that out and it was making me crazy! LOL

They would have been scamming you if they kept it overnight. Those greedy buggers.

It was nice chatting with you yesterday!

MI Judy

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I'm back to report another beautiful day. Went out about 10:30 am and didn't get back til after 2 this afternoon.

We went to Marc House plant store. They have expanded since I was last there. It is glorious and the profits are used to support Marc House, a group home for mentally challenged adults. Some of the residents also work the store. I ran into old acquaintences from the Orchid Society and made a new friend of the boss of the store. He gave me a discount on a pretty little woven turkey with an orchid in it. Honestly, I didn't even know who he was when I commented to the clerk that they had the most beautiful collection of ceramic cache pots I have ever seen anywhere. I had chatted with him earlier and when I said this she asked him, did you hear that? They may be his pride and joy. I had also announced I'd be back to shop when I didn't have my husband waiting lol.

After the plant store and before our other errands, I surprised Stan with the suggestion that we go get pizza at Papa John's. The plan included going to Higgs beach and eating it at a picnic table under a pitched roof with a view of the Atlantic. It was beautiful, sunny, breezy with the classic sailboat on the horizon. It was the first time we'd done lunch like this. Wonderful!

Oh and the mums--got them at one of our grocery stores. They are already on my steps and look fabulous. Some yellow and some that bronze color. Sounds like many of us are enjoying Autumn weather, o.k. us minus the leaves in color. Just the same, you can feel the energy here on the Air. And Becky, I do understand that "I did it" feeling with the merge. Thanks for that. I'll probably forget by the time I have to do it again. Judy, thanks for the Veteran's day shout-out. Hope your cold is better. Ginny thanks for the reminder, I was sure you worked just didn't remember it was part-time. Still counts though. Alan, your walk sounds very special with the remembrance of those lost to the disease. Candles and balloons also a nice touch. And Eric, now we have learned the secret of all that energy you have--no alarm clock??? However do you manage to get to all the places you need to be lol.

O.k., now I've gone on quite long enough. Have a great evening everyone. Can't believe tomorrow is already Sat.

Judy in KW

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