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Re: Wednesday's Air that is REALLY Tuesday's AIR

eric byrne

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Happy new year,just relaxing here before Jennifer and Chris arrive,they are coming for dinner,traditional steak pie,potatoes and boiled peas,yum.Jennifer will bring her own dinner with her,strict vegetarian,wont eat anything that has had a face, as she puts it.Oh I could'nt live without meat.

New year party was just brill,Brian and Janette make you so welcome,it was really like two parties in one house,the kids eg my daughter and all her friends were in one room,the oldies eg myself in another,after a couple of amber nectars we had a singalong karioke,it was fun,Brians brother, Frank married a Thai girl, Aia,would you believe she had a number of Thai songs on the machine,so i could'nt resist joining in,that also included me doing Thai dancing following her movements,her husband Frank was really good at Thai dancing.I think Sally and I were the last to leave for home about 6.00am,its years since I have had such a New Year night,normally I would be in bed about 12.30am,this made such a pleasant change.Frank retires this September and is going to move to Thailand to live on Aia's families farm,they are going to build their own house there,I have already booked my holiday with them in 2013 LOL.My sister Irene spend some time in Thailand a couple of years ago, with Aia's family and she just loved the country.

JudyKW,I am amazed to hear of chickens roaming about free in Key West,how civilised your fellow citizens are, that this can happen,I really dont think such chickens would survive in Airdrie for more than five minutes,before hitting the oven . Bye for now,enjoy the rest of your day everyone.

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Morning All! Eric really started the Air but thinks it's Wednesday. That NY's party must have really left you a little dizzy.

Yesterday I forgot to report on Sunday's fishing trip. It was fun. I caught three or four little fish my first casts. It was like the old days catching crappy bass in PA. The end of the day we put three lane snappers, one grunt and a lovely rosey grouper in the cooler. No real size but enough for three little bags of filets for me to cook while Stan's away. It was rough so we couldn't go out far and three hours was enough for me. We were glad to just be on the water wetting our lines.

Stan wasn't ready with the office stuff yesterday so I did laundry all day. Sounds like the office stuff will be the last minute before he leaves as usual. Never on my schedule lol.

Diane I L'dOL at the quacking. Never heard of them but think they'd send me running too. Love your new pic.

Anne, glad you're feeling better and hope you're enjoying the cool weather. Hope you're doing o.k. too Katie. Judy, that dinner sounded fabulous. I love dumplings but never really got the hang of them. Wait--are they the ones that cook on top of the pot or noodles? I learned to make homemade noodles they called dumplings in PA but never mastered the others and love them.

Eric, I'll try to merge your Wed with Tue. Don't you need a rest after all that holiday socializing? It sounded like great fun.

Oh, the rooster was back crowing this morning according to Stan who is up before the bird. I'm on the other end of the house and don't even hear him if I'm not already awake.

Hope I didn't miss anyone but have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Hi JudyKW,

Thanks for trying,ye gods,imagine me thinking its Wednesday,I promise you its not through drink,i have just got a bit confused,this senile dymensia can be a bit of a nuisance at times.

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Judy, all you have to do is click on the "errant" post (which this time was Eric's LOL) and edit it and it allows you as moderator to change the title. I did it, but decided to leave the Wednesday in just for fun!

Judy, Dumplings. The secret is to boil them in real gravy that is made from scratch. 2/3 cup milk to 2 cups of Bisquick. Boil 10 minutes uncovered, and then 10 minutes covered and you have delicious dumplings. I make the base for the gravy by boiling the chicken for 1/2 hour, in 1/2 water and 1/2 chicken stock. Then I bake the chicken in whatever you like to bake on it. Then I make the gravy by thickening it with Corn Starch and water. It's so good!

Eric, your New Years party sounded so fun! I could never make it up that long, but glad that you did! I can't sing a note, so the party would have ended quickly once I got to the microphone!

Today I'm going to fill some orders at church for the CD and DVD copies of the service, and that's it. It's 15 degrees here, but we didn't get the drastic blizzard that those weather people love to predict!

Judy in MI

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Eric, you don't know confused! Judy, after I read your post, I went looking for "errant" post. I didn't know you could edit someone else's post lol.

I can see how your recipe would work. Growing up, I saw my Aunt boiling them on top of the pot the chicken was cooking in. When I tried it, they were still gooey on the bottom.

Judy in KW

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Have to admit I'm now really confused -- is it Tues. or Wed. Monday was a holiday -- so I'm going back to Monday!

JudyKW - fishing sounds great. So do the chickens. I loved them in Kauai. Happily for the fans, the Ducks won - finally - and the quackers and green coats can go back in the closet for another year :D

JudyMI - thanks for the dumpling recipe -- I have never been able to manage them, but will try again with your advice. Great winter "comfort" food!

Eric - I wish I could bottle a little of your energy! Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday.

Happy Mon, Tues or Wednesday -- whichever.

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Eric - I thought it was Wednesday too - great minds think alike!

I think I shall have to try dumplings this week, sounds yummy! (and cozy and warm)

I am still being a slug, trying to recover from the holidays. I am supposed to be going into NYC on Thursday to see my favorite four year old and that takes a lot of energy!

Peace everyone - and enjoy this beautiful Wednesday! Haha!

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My son's favorite meal is beef stew with dumplings and I too did the Bisquick recipe. Sometimes they were too moist on the bottom, but I like doughy anything. Had to make that meal for every bday and now his wife does it. Funny how these things take hold.

Holidays were way too busy and I threw myself a bday party last friday for 30 of my friends. As soon as they all left I got the rocking pneumonia and the boogie woogie blues. In work today, but I am buying stock in Kimberly Clark. I feel miserable.

Eric, I can't keep up with you.

Diane, love the new picture.

Freezing cold and windy here today. Very mild December so this is a shocker. Have to start dedecorating (is this a word)? Love to put them up, love to look at them, hate to dedecorate.

Back to work.

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So nice to see everyone here today, which ever day it is! LOL

I forgot to mention on the dumplings, when you are in the 10 minutes uncovered, I do take a spatula and scoop under them to help them not stick to the pan, and get cooked correctly on the bottom. Tiny detail, but important!

Judy in MI

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Wow...what a great crowd we have here today!!! Lots of fun reading everyone's latest news. I'm always amazed at how much good a little "fresh air" can do for me!!!

KW Judy...are you chilly yet? We got really cool during the night and I figure it takes a while for the front to move down to where you are. Our high today hasn't even reached 50. On top of the cold front, we've been having winds up to 40 mph and that makes the chill travel right through you. I was all bundled up this morning to come to work. It's supposed to be down to 30 here where we are and that's very unusual for an area this close to the coast. Too bad tomorrow isn't a sleep in morning, I love the cooler weather but hate to have to face it early in the morning.

I had to run to Walgreen's this morning and pick up some Claritan, as my allergies have been going absolutely nuts. Not much sneezing involved but my eyes have been itching like mad. Pharmacist said this unseasonably warm weather has a lot of our grasses, plants and trees very confused. The Claritan helped the itching but also made my eyes very dry, so I'm stopping on the way home for a little bottle of eye lubricant for these now dry eyes. I can't seem to win at this!!!

Judy...I love dumplings!!! When my boys were little, the dumplings were always their favorite thing and we would have a ton of dumplings and not so much chicken. Now, they like more meat but I still love the dumplings and can do without the chicken. This conversation makes me think of that poor guy up in KW Judy's tree....poor baby!

Eric...don't feel at all bad about being mixed up on the days. I tell people that the only reason I work is so that I can keep my days straight. Even with that, i still maage to miss a few here and there.

Well, the five o'clock whistle has blown and it's time for me to get out of here and head home to my warm jammies!!!

Hope everyone has a nice evening. Stay warm and say a prayer for all of the people that don't have a warm home this evening. I have been so worried about all or the homeless people that live in the woods because it's going to be so cold tonight!!!


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