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Morning All! My outdoor temp reading is blinking this morning, I just know I am chilly. The doors are open--Stan's home but he's outdoors lol. I guess that cold front came in for me Ann.

Janet, I do know how those computer issues can chew up hours. I got the Adobe Elements before Christmas and haven't let myself get into it yet. Taxes first! My real incentive tho is that I cannot get my new Apple Air Computer until they are done.

Thanks for the update on Steph Diane. I think I'll go to Grace and see if I can find out more. I have a friend who moved to Oregon and loves it. The pics her husband has taken of the wildflowers in warmer weather are awesome.

The cleaning lady had to cancel today so I decided to do my ironing. Now you know I will do anything to avoid the office. Cleaning or ironing, I'd be hard pressed to say which I hate most but I think ironing has the edge. I'm taking a rest now and will finish up a few office tasks when I get up. The guys have been missing for awhile now--Bud, Alan, Eric, where are you? I think Bud was having a scan?? Alan, it's been so long I can't remember. Eric, will assume you are out and about or finally crashing for a rest.

Have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Mixed bag of weather today,beautiful sunny blue skies as I set of for the gymming and swimming,when I left 3 hours later,snow was falling thick and fast,now its brightened up a bit,fortunately temps have risen and snow has completely gone,no wonder Brits talk about the weather so much,when you can have all four seasons in one day.

Mens breakfast went really well last Saturday,OK I know,but I hav'nt posted since last week,shame,shame.My friend and neighbour, Jim Leitch who was Head of Engineering at Anniesland College until he retired a few years ago,we shared cars travelling each work day for about 20 years,well it was his son Jason, who was guest speaker at the breakfast,what a super talk he gave,a bit of reflected glory now,Jason has just been voted the UKs Clinician of the year,he is currently Chief Medical Officer in the UK responsible directly to Nicola Sturgeon who is Depute head of the Scottish Parliament.I just found out that Jason spent 18 months studying at Harvard for his Phd in Dentistry.Just thought i might mention all this to you.

It was my new friend's birthday on Wednesday,Jim of the gym,that is,he was 79 years young,not that you would believe it,I gave him a birthday card,think he was quite chuffed.He really is a bit of a character,of the earthy type,but good fun,picking up his prescription from the pharmacy he says to the girl "You've forgot my Viagra and Durex are you trying to ruin my weekend?".He invites me to meet up with his son at one of Glasgows oldest and famous bars for lunch,the Horse Shoe Bar,think its about 200 years old,with decor to match,no I am being unkind,its called Preserved Victorian,the bar is in the guiness book of records for being the longest in the UK,approx 100ft,in the shape of a horse shoe.We go the the restaurant upstairs,its busy,loads of our more senior citizens,and I will tell you why,a 3 course meal,£4.50 total.i choose the home made lentil soup,hot and delicious,steakpie in ale,pots and boiled peas,ice cream to finish,all washed down with a pint of Tennents larger (Brewed and bottle in Glasgow) do you know this was Bing Crosby's favourite beer?in fact he agreed to do a advert for the company absolutely free.

Talking of famous Americans,I was just reading that music tapes of Micheal Jackson singing Robert Burns songs have been passed to the Burns Museum in Ayr, by his record producer.Apparently Micheal was a real fan of Burns,I do hope this music is released.

I am looking forward to my musical evening with the Morgan Lee Band on Saturday,Ann who plays violin in the group, invited me to her house along with I think 60 other

musicians,well its nearly Burns night,so I think this is going to be some jamming session.I have arranged for Jennifer to drive me there, having parked my car at her home in Glasgow,i will return to spend the night at her home,rather than travelling home to Airdrie,being a Scot,we have to consider the cost of taxis LOL.

Since my last visit JudyMI had, had her op cancelled last Friday,then I read she is in recovery,can anyone fill me in?.Sadly I now hear Stephanie is having a difficult time?.I do hope,both are recovering.

I do agree with everyone,we are all needing a visit from the big yellow bus to lift our spirits,if someone can get in touch with Becky,I will get myself prepared for the journey,with some essential provisions,Whyte and Mackays,haggis,pots and neeps,just in case we get hungry and thirsty en route.Music Cds,a brill selection of the Corries to get the right ambience,any objectors may be forceably removed from the bus by a couple of bruiser extras from Braveheart.bye just now,Ive got some packing to do.

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 42 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 74. It's supposed to get close to 80 degrees tomorrow!

The physical therapist did an evaluation on my shoulder yesterday and said it's not bursitis. She said it could be a soft tissue tear, but that plain old wear and tear on the joint was more likely. There's no easy fix, so I'm probably going to be battling to keep that shoulder mobile and pain free for a long time.

I have an MRI on it scheduled for tomorrow. If it's a soft tissue injury (or tumor!), that should show it.

They've been pumping water into Lake Benbrook steadily since October, raising its level an inch a day or so, and it's reached the point where it's only seven feet low. One of the boat ramps is supposed to re-open this week, so I may go try it out on Saturday.

Sunday, I'm planning a short bike ride on the tandem with Rose. We haven't ridden the tandem in a long time, but I'm going to try and get us riding it regularly again.

Have a great day, all!

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Good afternoon!!

The sun is shining - but it is 32 degrees. Another day for me to hunker in. We are supposed to get some snow tonight - and I have to go to the farm in the morning - so as long as I have to be out, I will get all my errands done then.

I am still flogging through my husband's mess of files. He has been doing the bills for several years now (we used to take turns) and it seems he has been pretty overwhelmed with all the medical bills and insurance stuff, so he stopped organizing sometime around '06. What a mess! Everytime I look in a new spot, I find more stuff! He is upset that I am spending so much time fixing it, but I will feel so much better knowing it is organized again!

Bud, you amaze me, sore shoulder and you are still biking and boating. Here I am with no aches and pains and all I am doing is "slugging"! I will say in my defense - I HATE being cold. So I am always a winter slug!

Eric, I have no idea what any of those things you are bringing with you on the bus are - but as long as there is some beer, I will be happy!

Judy in KW - I have never been to Grace - if I go on how do I find Stephanies post - I have been worried about her too.

And wow - you must really not want to do the taxes - I HATE ironing. I iron each thing as needed. Never a big ironing day like my mom did.

Back to the pile of files. I know deep down it is the fear of dying and leaving anything out of place, but if that is what it takes to be totally organized, so be it!

Have a great day everyone -

peace - Janet

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Hi friends,

I'll do a Care page update later, but a quick note before they drag me out of here to walk without oxygen. They want to see how long I can walk without it and then put oxygen on and see the difference between the two.

Got the path. report back. Not sure what it all means, so am waiting on a professional to come in and interpret. But we do know it is NSCLC, adenocarcinoma, stage IIB. It's possible they may recommend chemo again. Beyond that I'll not speculate. Once I get more from the doctors, I'll post more details.

Still in the hospital, and no release date yet. The lung is still emitting liquid at too high of a rate to try to figure out when the tube can come out. After that, they will try to get a handle on pain control.

So? I've missed you all. Will update later!

Judy in MI

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I am with Janet - I HATE being cold and right now I'm freezing. Not snowing right now - but feels like it and I'm sure it is on the mountain. Bud - 80 degrees and out on the water - sounds like heaven right about now.

MI Judy - so glad you see you here. Sounds like you are doing great and love the picture by the way. Eric - busy as always. I love going to music programs. Last one I went to was the Beach Boys (or as I call it "the Beach Boy") -- only one old BB and the rest distant relatives just out of high school. I do have tickets to see Judy Collins next week which I am really looking forward to.

KW Judy - I got my husband Photoshop for his birthday, not Elements, but the other one I think -- or maybe it is. It's the one that is more for still photos than videos. He is having a hard time with it - I think I should have gotten him something really simple. It does some pretty cool stuff when he gets it to work though, but most of the time he just gets very frustrated.

Enjoy your day.


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Good Evening Everyone,

Well actually,good morning its gone midnight now in Scotland so its really Friday am,its nice to read all your posts today(or yesterday) ahem,.JudyMI its good to hear you are still with us and as cheery as ever,dont get high on that oxygen.Wishing you all the very best for a full recovery.

Hi Janet,I just love the Beach Boys,I have seen them twice at the Odeon in Renfield St in Glasgow in the sixties,same theatre my wife seen the Beatles from the front row,they were brill.

Hi Janet,you really have to get up to speed in all things Scottish,White and Mackays,also known as the amber nectar,centuries old,a distillation of the finest malt whiskies into one bottle.Now the Haggis,a game bird,relative of the grouse family,larger than the red grouse but smaller than the capercaillie,it has one leg shorter than the other to allow it to remain level,running clockwise around the mountains in Scotland, the female of the species has the opposite leg shorter to enable her to run level counterclockwise around the mountains,so they can meet up and mate.Pots was just my way of abbreviating the word Potatoes,and Neeps is the Scottish word for Turnip,this is mashed when served with the Haggis.The Corries,what can I say?,They were a duo of former art teachers,who became the best loved folk musicians in Scotland,Ronnie Brown and Roy Williamson.I used to see them regularly in the sixties and the seventies when they appeared in Glasgow in the City halls,they also appeared regularly on Scottish TV,they composed many popular songs in Scotland,one of course became our national Anthem "Flower of Scotland",unfortunately,Roy developed a brain tumour and died,so ended the duo that was most loved by Scots,in tribute to the musical genius of Roy,Ronnie said the angels in heaven must look to their laurals,now that Roy has arrived.If you go into You Tube you can see them perform on numberous occasions,I particularly recommend,The Glencoe Massacre,Willie McBride,Macphersons Rant,The Braes o'Killenkrankie O and many others.Gosh just thinking about them has brought a tear to my eye,memories of seeing them on stage,trying to get off the stage at the end of their show,they had to do at least 3 encores.I hope you like them.

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Hi Janet,

I have just spent some time in You Tube,watching Corries videos,can I further recommend Lochnagar,click on the video thats had 110,470 views,its written by Lord Byron,beautiful piece of music,it also allows you to follow up with more Corries videos.

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Good morning. Just dropping in for a minute to see how everyone is doing. Judy MI I am glad that you are feeling better and hope that whatever treatment you do get treats you kindly and kicks that cancer's butt.

Eric sounds like you are still a very busy man. I too would love to have the bus rolling again. Do please wait until I am home for a while I have been gone for almost two months and will really need some time at home before I leave again even on and imaginary bus! Oh and having food along does sound good but I would need low cal after this trip and you can leave the haggis at home for sure.

Diane unlike you I love the cold when I am home. When it gets cold here in Louisiana it seems to go to my bones and it doesn't at home. I am glad there is finally rain there and that the ski resorts are getting their snow. Here it gets muggy and and in the 70s then cold for one day then back up to the 70s for a day or two until the next front drops it down again. All of this seesawing is terrible for those of us who have allergies.

Well I need to run and do my laundry. Need to try and see home much I will need to ship home. I know for sure of one thing. My grandson's girl friend has invited me to her birthday party. It is at a place called Painting with a twist. Everyone has the same picture to paint and then you compare them. Some have an outline and others are all free hand. There is someone there to give suggestions and the basics for those who don't know them. This will be my first time and I am really looking forward to it.

so I am keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers and saying extra for Judy MI, Stephanie, Alan and some others. Wondering where so many have disappeared to. Tomorrow with my son and his family. Got to get as much love as I can from our precious new baby girl while I am here. She is a pretty little girl for a newborn not red or wrinkled at all.

will try to figure out once again how to post pictures when I get home. Have a great day everyone.

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I was only pulling your leg about the haggis,this kind of tomfoolery is actually directed at our English cousins,they have such little knowledge ot interest in things Scottish,we love to take advantage or their ignorance.In my teens I was invited to a party in Manchester,the English guys asked me why I didnt bring a bottle of Scotch with me,well deadpan I explain that I had indeed brought a case of Scotch with me for this party,however when the train reached the border between Scotland and England,the Scottish border guard boarded the train,searched my coach,found the Scotch and confiscated it.There is no border guard of course,neither would Scotch be confiscated either if there were such.The English guys are astonished,and full of sympathy for my loss,same party later,chatting to an English girl,I swear this is the absolute truth,she mentions her favourite TV prog is Top of the Pops,mine too I reply,she looks at me,and asks "Do you have televisions in Scotland?"(obviously she has not heard of a Scot called John Logie Baird,inventor of television)well not like the ones you have in England says I,why what type do you have in Scotland?,she enquires,well in Scotland we dont have that thing you call elect,,,pause,while I think further,-electricity,she looks at me,well then how does your televisions work in Scotland?.Staight faced I reply "Gas",she is amazed and shares this with her friends.Its all good fun for Scots,harmless really,its still a common habit of Scots today.

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Ha Ha Eric! I figured out on my own that you were pulling my leg! I was telling my husband at dinner about the Haggis bird. But, I said, the leg thing just can't be true! So, I googled it and I discovered that Haggis not only sounds totally unappetizing, but that Scots love to trick unsuspecting foreigners into believing the lopsided leg story! According to Wikepedia 33% of Americans believe that story!

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Hi Janet,

Thank you for taking my joke in the spirit to which it was intended.I really understand why a description of the contents of a haggis may sound unappetising,but as my Mum used to say "Taste and try before you deny",I have mostly eaten Haggis at a Burns Supper,which is held on his birthday on the 25th of January,or there abouts.Imagine the scene,you are at a table,with maybe about a hundred others,a bagpiper enters the room,playing something like Scotland the Brave,followed by a chef,in full gear,carrying with arms outstretched,a hugh Haggis on a silver platter,they arrive at a table,the haggis is placed on it,the piper is given a large glass of the amber nectar,which by tradition he downs in one gulp.Then the evenings speaker,approaches the haggis and recites Burns famous piece of poetry,written just after the American Declaration of Independance,The address to a Haggis,-"So fair your honest sonsie face,great chieftain o' the puddin race etc,you are then served a portion of the haggis as a starter,with potatoes and mashed turnip,this being followed by usually Steak pie and all the trimmings.

Robert Burns was a great guy with the lassies,but initially a batchelor that enjoyed his nights out with his male friends at the pub,on marrying,he had to relinquish the batchelor club night outs,but we still celebrate this tradition today.Burns nights are a male night out today,although for the tourists to Scotland,females are accepted now.A Burns tradition night will include,a good meal,some reciting of his poetry,usually Tam O' Shanter and Holy Willies Prayer,which to me is music to my ears,this is followed up by further speakers telling anecdotes from their lives,which are memourable,insightful or downright rude.One tradition which is always kept is a male reader reading Burns famous, Address to the Lassies.The night also includes songs written by Burns,accompanied by the bagpipes.I do hope that sometime in your life you can attend a Burns Supper.

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