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Morning All! I broke my computer in the middle of the night rule. Here I am sucked in from 3 am til 4 am. I was just going to do this post now and I hear Stan getting up lol.

Spent my six hours in chemo then had to ride with Stan to pick up my car from the repair shop. Repair bill was $1100--that's enough to floor you.

Been thinking of Alan lately. Has he been on and I've just missed him? Thinking how is Stephanie as well. I usually do a search for all their posts to check when the last one was but haven't had enough computer time to spare lately. Maybe someone can fill you in.

It's an early start. Will stop in later to see any who post. Hope Judy gets to go home. Have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning Judy. I agree with you. I miss Alan. I miss Bruce. Steph too. Becky. Oh gosh, as I think of all of them, there are so many that I've missed. We had quite a good run of busy posts but they have gotten quiet. It's okay. They have their lives outside of this, and are hopefully healthy and busy. I pray that for them. But I still miss them.

I have some fantastic news today. The new pain doctor visited with me yesterday and suggested a radically different approach to my pain. If I agreed, he would be taking me off seven medications that I'm currently on! What a leap of faith. But i did it. I am so desperate to get out of this spiral of agonizing pain, that I'll try anything. So last night was not comfortable because so many drugs were discontinued, but I didn't panic. Something in my gut said to just be calm and see it through. Am I glad I did! I am still in a great amount of pain, but it is different. I don't know how to describe it. My spirits are high, and I am not so achy and exhausted. We know this road is a long one, but one that I feel is headed in the right direction. Praise God! I haven't felt this hopeful or good since January 4. I can't believe it's Friday, January 27. Big memory of 2012 is the month that I lost. I hope to replace that memory with bigger and better memories as time goes by.

Today is the day I leave I hope. No one has been in to see me and it's 8:40. I'm taking that as a good sign. I took my bath, and am waiting for R to come with jeans and a big soft sweatshirt and a ball cap. Some regular shoes will be a nice change from socks with rubber thingys on them. Oh my what a feeling.

When I get home, my babies are going to be wiggling their little butts off to see me. I will have to be careful, but can't wait to bury my face in their fur and hug and love on them. Gosh how I've missed them.

I'm just going to revel in these happy feelings this morning and not think one day further ahead. I feel great joy and I am keeping that!

For those of you that patiently read as I complained and cried, thank you. What a tough trial this has been.


Judy in MI

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 33 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 69. Today was only my third ride to work this week, because of the flood the last couple of days. I last rode on Tuesday, riding home in a light rain that afternoon, but at least I made it home before the really heavy stuff hit that evening.

The flooding rains here this week have filled the smaller lakes around here, but the bigger ones still need more. Benbrook, closest to home for me, went from no boat ramps open last weekend to all ramps open today.

Lake Aquilla, at almost 6 feet low like it was last week, wasn't going to provide the protected (calm even during 50 mph winds one day) creek full of crappie that entertained me all last spring. Aquilla is 6 inches above normal this morning (I did a silent fist pump when I saw that....LOL).

I'm thinking I'll spend tomorrow on Lake Benbrook. The fishing will probably be poor with all the new muddy water, but I haven't had my boat out in a month (I've been taking the kayak). It needs a good run.

I hope you're on your way home by now, MI Judy. Stephanie, I sure wasn't wanting to see what I read in that GRACE thread. I hope you're feeling better today.

Back to work for me. Laters, all.

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Judy, so glad you're going home. Better ask a nurse if a doctor has signed the orders. I remember once having more than a couple of doctors and all wanted me to go home but no one signed the orders!

Bud, so good to see you and to hear you are getting out fishing again. I think of you everytime I watch the weather news in Texas but didn't know if the floods were in your area. Obviously, they slowed your biking down but otherwise didn't adversely affect you and Rose.

I'm trying to take it easy but got stuck in the computer again. Stan and I saw some recipes on the TV at the hospital that we wanted. Sometimes that gets time-consuming. I'm glad I wrote these lines. While I was, I remembered I almost forgot the most important one: Barefoot Contessa's brownie pudding that sounds like a version of a cake I used to make. Yum Yum.

Have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Just looking out my study window,its a beautiful winters day,brilliant blue skies,and the sun now beginning to set,its 4.30pm now still light,the long dark nights of winter are now beginning to disappear,Hoorah,not long until the spring.

Well not really a lot to tell you,continuing daily with my exercises,bowling Tues and Thurs,both occassions we were trounced,however,my own game on Thurs was my best performance ever,but to no avail when the other team are so good,and my three team buddies were well below par,thinks we will need to meet up prior to games and get in a hour or two practice.

I took a run up to Jennifers yesterday,I gave Chris a little contribution,towards paying for the recording studio hire,they dont really have much of an income,both only working part time.Chris was a bit reluctant to accept,but I talked him round,well if they make it big,maybe I will get that holiday villa in Spain I have always dreamed about LOL.

Saturday night,Bill has organised a mens night out at my bowling club,which for Bill is pretty unusual,he dislikes indoor bowling,he only plays outdoor in the summer,so i am really looking forward to this,hope my Thurday nights performance was'nt a one off?.

I dropped Sally off at her Monklands Hospital Arts and Crafts class en route to my yoga class,this class has been running for weeks now,organised by Sally's councillor,glad to say she attends it and actually enjoys it.Downside today,as she has to get a taxi ride home,since my class runs for much longer,I forgot to get change,I had to give her a £20 note,I warned her about not buying drink with the change,she promised not to,I will leave you to guess my homecoming,well on the plus side I can spend more time here without feeling guilty.

Hi JudyKW,thankfully another bout of chemo over with,I do hope thats the last forever and ever.Ouch,$1100 for a car repair?goodness me,hope they give you easy terms in paying it.

Hi JudyMI,Hoorah, homeword bound,reminds me of a song?,lets singalong,sorry to hear about the pain you are suffering,wishing you the full benefit of your new pain relief regime,maybe it just takes a wee while to kick in.Yes I can imagine the reception you will receive from your fur babies,Randy too,no doubt wondering,how long until you are well enough to fetch his tea and biccies.

Hi Bud,gosh it seems like ages since I have heard from you,good to hear with all your recent rainfall your lakes are beginning to recover,we have so many lochs in Scotland,I wish I could send some of our water to you,we would'nt miss it.

Ooops I hope I have'nt left anyone out?my apolgies if I have,it was,nt intentional.I agreee with you regarding our missing regulars,hopefully they are having a great time and will return soon as.I will have to visit cancergrace to read up on Stephanie,seems she is having a rough time of it recently,best wishes to her for a seedy recovery.

Well thats all folks,hope everyone has a great weekend.Bye for now.

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2011 ended with a bang (no fireworks, no alcohol). Came home from brunch ad crashed on the couch. Just continued to get worse until we checked me in at urgent care on the 22 (had already seen the onc a couple of times.) Stayed overnight to get hydration and iv pain meds. Made it to Monday's lung cancer expert consult and with his help, found at least temporary peace with the decision to go onto hospice. Performance status dropped over those 3 weeks so that the nature of the consult changed. He willingly and kindly gave his opinion - that continuing treatment (including clinical trials) would likely cause more harm than good.

I feel a little better, but getting up to date with the program is tiring, to say the least. I haven't really known how to bring this news here. For a good read on the myths of Hospice, please read this:

http://cancergrace.org/cancer-treatment ... d-fiction/

and thank you for your support. I'll post as I can manage. Focusing is a bit difficult - still adjusting to the pain meds and all the the rest.


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its a good day when You catch the spammer online and all of a sudden push buttons and they are off line !!! al cleaned up for now here! :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

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Stephanie, I did read the hospice link and already knew much of it. I know that hospice can be with you for years as they supported a member of the KW ftf group here. Here's hoping they do the job for you especially in the sense of improving your quality and quantity of life. Am rooting for you big time.

Randy, I had to individually remove a half-dozen or so from three or four sites on Friday. Thanks for the final boot.

Judy in KW

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if you get multiple posters of spam contact Katie because she can remove them faster than we can! I had about 30 posts on one spammer last week!!

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