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Morning All! 60 degrees in KW this morning, expected high 63. Stan is walking with a hooded sweatsuit. Ann, I'll bundle up, you enjoy lol.

I'm feeling a little low this morning. It occurred to me that I am on the edge of the lives of my friends who feel like family here. When we lose someone, it cuts deep. We come together and grieve but they have another whole life of family and friends close to them. Even those from this site who have met them have a special bond. This is why I have tried so hard to meet as many members here as I have been able: Kasey, Muriel, Lynne, Katie, Laurie, Annette, Tom and Tee. But Sandra, Ned, Patti, Stephanie and so many more I regretfully never met. So I sit on the sidelines and grieve.

Sorry, not a upbeat start to the Air. Alan where are you? I looked up your posts and you haven't checked in since Jan 12. Hope it's for good reasons not bad. Diane, haven't seen you in a few days either. Well it's the weekend. I'm not a sports fan but Ginny, I may even tune into the golf tournament now and then today to see How Tiger is doing. That is today isn't it and he is in it, isn't he lol??

Have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Hey there

I haven't been posting alot but usualy drop in daily to read what is happening with everyone.

Judy I understand exactly what you mean. Both of us joined here about the same time. Since then we have lost alot of "friends". Not just people who we have lost but the caregivers of those people who have moved on with their lives. Some of the names you mentioned like Sandra and Patti bring back alot of memories going back to our chat night's. Other's like Lynne, Gail, and Shelli have just moved on and good for them. Just reality I guess. Either online or in our daily lives those things are going to happen.

Now who is this Tiger person ? LOL

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Good morning everyone.

It has been a sad time for us here on LCSC for sure.

I don't know what the answer is. I've had a few people tell me they have to move on and their hearts just can't handle to be here.

I'm lucky that they still keep in touch by phone, email or face book, but it isn't the same when they aren't here is it?

I also put a call out to all moderators on whether or not they want to continue being moderators just a day before we learned aobut stephanie's passing. Only 3 people have replied and 1 asked to be replaced so in a few days, all those who haven't replied will be removed as moderators.

I have a feeling their broken hearts have a lot to do with it.

It's hard being here. But I know, at least for me, that I have been blessed knowing everyone on LCSC, doubly blessed when I can meet someone in person, and that my life is better for having ever known them.

And remember, with every word you write and reply of encouragement, how many lives you touch...in a hundred different ways that you can't even imagine.

I miss them all too. Thank you for being here.

Many hugs to you Judy and Bruce and to all those whos hearts are hurting right now.

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Good morning everyone - well it is still morning here in the Pacific Northwest anyway. For some reason I seem to be having more trouble getting over these last couple of losses. I haven't met anyone in person, but did try on two occasions to get together with Stephanie in Seattle, but the cancer center schedule was too tight, and my husband (like a lot of men I think) was always in such a blasted hurry to head home the minute they took the IV out. Guess I always thought there would be more time (stupid - I know better) and really wish we had stayed an extra day. Stephanie and Eric and I were all dx about the same time. When I joined I almost never posted, but there were so many I felt I got to know that are not here any longer. I do the phone buddy thing, as well as driving people to chemo/rad, and sometimes it just seems I'm surrounded by Cancer 24/7. Katie -- I have no idea how you do this, but I'm sure glad you do.

The first time I was in the hospital after dx in 2008, the nurse told me that she had found that only the nicest people have Cancer - and judging by the people I've met, both locally and here on line, it turns out she was right.


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Hi KatieB,

Briefly,I would love to continue as a moderator,I never got your message asking me to confirm this.

With regard to our members who by recent sad events,have decided to leave us,knowing Annette and Stephanie,they would be most upset that some people have reacted in this way.It is at these times,I feel better by being here sharing with my friends.

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Katie, I'm so sorry I didn't respond to your moderator call. I would like to remain as a moderator as well. I'll try to go find that original call-out to respond properly.

Bruce, Tiger is Tiger Woods, am amazing golfer who took a dive when he had a very public personal scandal. I for one have been rooting for his comeback. I think he suffered enough.

Diane, I know what you mean about these last couple of losses. My hat is off to you for the volunteering you do. I can't seem to get into more than the little I do here.

Eric, I know what you mean about what our departed members would want us to do. That's one thing that has kept me hanging in.

I appreciate you all chiming in here today. It makes me feel less lonely today.

Judy in KW

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Hi you guys, These sure are some trying times. There are so many things I'd like to say but don't know quite how to start. So I'll just say hello to you all and I think about all of you all the time. Ones who write and those who don't so much. It all is so unfair and I know how hard it is to stay positive. It is work and I'm working at it. Stephanie once said that a positive attitude is good but that cranky people survive too. Lewis Black said that bad things happen to good people and that pricks live forever.I want to live a long time and die from something other than lung cancer and I don't want to be a prick either. I'm working on it.

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it is in honor of the ones we have lost that I soldier on in this fight! I may not post a lot but I always read and post when I feel the need and the desire to m!! <3 To all my friends!!

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Good evening, everyone!

It's snowing here. After our warmest January in a long time, February has been colder so far. But it's supposed to warm up again in the next few days. At least I can take advantage of a warm weekday now and go fishing, since I don't have to get up and go to work for a while.

I can certainly understand those who have moved on. I've now been cancer free for over four years, have had a very busy lifestyle, and don't seem to find as much time to think about cancer as I once did. And making new friends who then die of this disease in the near future is never going to get any easier, I'm thinking. I may eventually be one of those who has to move on, myself.

Rose and I went out dancing and drinking until the wee hours last night, and I've been nothing but a zombie the rest of the weekend, before and since the night out. It's just been colder than I want to ride or fish in, so I've just been a couch potato at home. I did manage over 130 miles on the bike last week, so a few days off the bike won't hurt.

I know you're going to miss the bike riding but maybe you can get in a little fishing now and then.
Ann, my shoulder problems aren't going to interfere with my riding, at least not until the surgery happens. I'm going to have to investigate to see how long that may keep me off the bike. Lung surgery only kept me off the bike for 15 days, so I'm thinking shoulder surgery won't keep me off long either......LOL. I detest pedaling indoors, but if worse comes to worse and I can't ride otherwise for a while, I'll set up a trainer in the garage and ride my bike on it.

Have a great evening, all!

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