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Morning All! It's summer in Key West with the AC coming on early in the morning. We're not enjoying the open doors and windows much now.

I had to post my bad news in update yesterday and it took me until today to get back here. I did read and keep up on what you've all been up to. To start on a lighter note, when Dr T came in the office to see me Wednesday, I felt the need to lighten a difficult session. I asked her on a scale of 1 to 10 (how many times have we heard that lol), how worried was she. Her reply: Judy, you are so far out of the box, I don't know what to expect. On the way to Port St Lucie, I told Stan I didn't want to raise false hopes or be in complete denial but I just don't feel like I'm ready to die. His immediate response, "then don't." My smart alecky daughter said if I could hold off til Christmas, she's been in the computer for a trip to NYC so we could see the Christmas decorations. When we got home, I told Stan maybe I'll write my obit. He asked if while I was at it, would I do his. Then it would be done. I told him he always pushes the paperwork off on me! I've always said you cannot be in our family if you don't have a sense of humor.

I'll be looking forward to hearing from Air posters and will try to avoid what a friend has called my "disconnect" with my online social life.

Have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Wow, Laurie, what a wonderful thing to say. Thank you.

I'm online now to email the chemo nurse at the Cancer Center here. Want to see if I can switch my treatments there instead of the hospital here. Lots of pros and cons but I'm going for what I expect to be the most stress-free.

Judy in KW

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Good Evening Everyone,

Hooray its BST (British Summer Time) the clocks went forward one hour on Sunday at 2.00am,now I am retired I didnt even consider one hour less on my weekend away from work, ha ha.Scotland just now is recording the highest ever March temps,ok dont laugh but late sixities is big time for us,seems overnight we have gone from Winter right into summer,I was out in the backyard,with just my shorts on reading the newspapers drinking iced lime and lemon,I have always been a summer person,I seem to take on a new life,just like all the plants and trees round about me.

ABC yesterday then up to Dots,meet the kids,got into watching what is called the "old firm" soccer meeting that is Glasgow Rangers vs Glasgow Celtic,a rivallry that goes back over a century.If Celtic won,they have won the Premier League,however game interupted, the kids want to go to Springburn Park to play,it is such a sunny hot day,well we all have to make sacrifices,off we went,we had a super time in the swingpark, also throwing a frizzbie,playing soccer walked around the duckponds,wide variety of birds including a hugh Heron landed within a few yards of where we were standing.Home tired but happy, (Rangers won 3-2)which pleased my BIL and Dot yeah she is a fan too,me? not really much bothered by domestic football,more interested in the big European clashes like Barcelona,Man United etc.

Tomorrow its yoga and swimming,also re-meeting the financial advisor I met up with a couple of weeks ago,he is going to present to me a portfolio for investing the money I have at present in the bank currently earning 0.5%,I hope at least now I can keep up with inflation.

Special hello to JudyKW,thats the spirit,when you smile,we do too.Bye for now everyone,my TV prog is about to start.

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Good afternoon everyone. I have been at the farm all day and just got in. We have a big fundraiser this weekend, egg hunt and other activities , so there was lots to be done. Well, that and a duck or two that needed a hug!

I spent Saturday in Boston visiting two of my three children. We toured the JFK Library and Museum. It was very inspiring and at the same time depressing, because all these years later we are still fighting over the same issues. Why don't we ever learn?

Judy in KW. I just now saw your Update post. I was sitting here with tears running down my face and a lump in my throat writing a response. Then I come to the air - and you have me laughing out loud. That is why we love you Judy, and that is why we need you! You WILL be in NYC in December and I will meet you there for a nice cocktail!

I am off to the pub in a few. It is, after all, Sea Chanty night!


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Good afternoon, everyone!

It was another beautiful day here, with a high in the low 80's. Someone tell me how this happened: We had a drought for the entire year last year while I was working 45 hours a week, and now that I'm not working at all, the lakes are staying flooded to the point that the fishing is no good.

I'm thinking I'll make a trip to Lake Cleburne on Wednesday. It's a small lake that's only about 25 miles from here. It's not as flooded as most lakes around here, and the water there tends to clear up quicker, so I'm going to see if I can find any crappie.

Rose and I did our second ride on the new tandem today, and tomorrow morning, we're going to do a club ride. The Rusty Chain Gang, which is mostly older riders in the Fort Worth Bicycling Association club, has Tuesday rides that start just six miles from our house, so we're going to ride to the start and join them tomorrow.

Rose has only been back riding for a couple of months, and I know there are at least a few hills that are tougher than anything we've tried since she's been riding again, so wish us luck on the ride.

It's time for me to get ready for this month's support group meeting. Katie needs at least one energetic attendee to harass her, so that will be my job.

Have a great evening, all!

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Well, I am glad Judy that you found some humor to share. I so need it right now. I'm really sad tonight as I see the course that this chemo is taking. I"m not sure I'll be able to continue.

The bone pain is extreme. It's in my spine, in the lower part of my back, and in the bone between the ribs, and the rib cage. IT is very painful. I've put a call into my pain doctor to see how much I can ramp up my morphine.

But the thing that really has me freaked is the mouth sores. They are starting already! I'll write a separate post on this as I'm desperate for advice on it.

Lastly is the fatigue. I am exhausted. I can't remember anything. When I take my medication, I have to get the pill out, and lay it down. I then write down that I have it and take the pill. Then I cross the time out so I know for sure I took it. If anything happens in between, I will forget and get mixed up.

I'm so depressed and sad right now.

MI Judy

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I am just stopping by to say hi. My days are so full right now that I don't post much. I spend time with my family on facebook but other than that I just come to read.

Even though I don't post I want both Judy's to know that my heart is heavy with your news and my prayer are many and strong. You are never far from my thoughts.

Bud sorry about the fishing. My son spent the week last week at Toledo Bend and didn't get to fish until Thursday. He said the water rose in the lake 4 feet from the rain while they were there. On a light note he did say the bass were biting and they caught quite a few when they finally got to go out. Also they got 4 pigs in their trap at their hunting camp in Norhtern La.

Well got to run and find something to eat. Keeping positive thoughts and prayers for all.

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