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How long might depend on how much they are giving you - I'm not sure about that - and how fast it's being done. Not too helpful, I'm afraid.

I had gemzar along with cisplatin. Combined they were an awful combinabion - I was really sick. Alternate infusions were just gemzar and I tolerated it pretty well. Not nearly as nauseous or achy.

I had 4 infusions of the combo and 4 of gemzar alone.

Good luck!


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got to go back but I think Debs first was Gemzar Navy bean!(Navelbine for the PC correct!) infusion was couple of hours because of the combo, side effects for her were minimal. she also got a anti nausea with the infusion and I think a steroid for energy if I remember correctly.

Good luck to you and She did not lose hair over that one which impressed here. was about 2 month long once a week I think Judy!!

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I had three rounds of it. It gave me a headache on chemo day, and I always felt really feeble the next day, but it never knocked me down nearly as much or nearly as long as cisplatin did.

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I had the cisplatin/gemzar combination. It was both on the first week, then gemzar, gemzar week two and three.

No hair loss, but it can knock your platelets down. I missed a couple of weeks because of low platelets.

Other than being really tired, I don't remember anything significant from gemzar. The cisplatin was the tough one for me.

In my case it was not a long infusion. About 90 minutes if I remember correctly.

Good luck with it Judy.


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Thanks guys. I appreciate the heads up on the headache Bud or I'll probably think high blood presure. As far as hair loss, I'd stopped losing hair with Taxtere and haven't had an infusion since March 8. Last Thursday it started and I've lost more hair now than I did in the whole time on it. Go figure!

I'm guess 1 1/2 to 2 hrs with premeds. Better than all-day Taxotere at the hospital if if I do have to go in for labs the day before.

Anyone have to get a shot after the infusion? I forgot to ask.

Judy in KW

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