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Three Years Since You Left


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Your brother Dave now has to fill in for both you and Arnie - I hope you and Arnie are together :!:

Every day I miss you more, and every day I remember something happy about the time we were together. Three years is a long time, and seems endless, but I know you are wishing that Sarah and I could forget the somberness of the date and just remember the good times.


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always remember the good and try to keep forgetting the bad times. Sometimes that is so very hard to do. I know how you feel...

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Ah, my heart breaks with you. Yesterday I was home bound so I found a box that looked like it needed sorting. It was a box of pictures, and letters from my Mom, Dad and Sister, who all passed from cancer.

It was a buttersweet day of reading letters, looking at pictures and other memorabilia, and remembering. Like Randy said, with time the memories of the good will over shadow the others, but it takes time, and no one is the same on how that all happens.


Judy in MI

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Thank you, guys. Randy, your advice is sound, and I hope that eventually I will be able to follow it. Judy in MI I am so hoping for good results for you from your current treatment, and that you will be able to overcome the downside of the chemo. BTW my husband had the vision and hearing issues you do, and it was the cisplatin. When he went off it, he regained most of the hearing and the vision went back to before-treatment; so will yours, I hope.

Thanks for the hugs, and (((hugs)))) back to you all, may you all not only survive but also thrive. For those going to the Washington conference, do enjoy the time you can spend with your on-line friends, whose support is so needed and so meaningful. :lol:

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