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Monday's Air


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It is with a very heavy heart that I come here today, to open the windows and let the "air" flow in. I thought about not posting today, but knowing our KW Judy as I did, I know she would be the very first to tell us all that "the show should go on." As a matter of fact, I can hear her saying those words right now.

Yes, our hearts are heavy and we will feel the deep loss for many months to come but...she would want us to go on. Posting here was so important to KW Judy, so, in her honor, we must go on.

I'll start off.

Cloudy day here on Central Florida's Space Coast. Over the past few days, we have been getting some well needed rain, but we still need more.

I wasn't anywhere ready for today to be Monday. I had a very busy weekend and there was no time for much resting. But...today seems to be going fast and I am definitely looking forward to the 5:00 whistle (they blow a whistle on the radio station I listen to at work).

I'm crossing my fingers that my boss will decide to close the office for Memorial Day. I really do need a short work week to look forward to.


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a steamy 85 degrees in keys today but with the loss of our dear friend, Judy, it is just like up here raining cold and overcast... Makes me sad about Judy whe is and will be missed by so many folks here and everywhere and especially Stan, Dominick and her family in Florida and out and about...

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I am wih Alan, thank you Ann. I couldn't bring myself to do it even though I too knew it was what Judy would want. Thank you. AND thank you Beetlemike, for the short and perfect "air" on Saturday.

This is hard, moving on after such a loss. Judy was so important and so loved by so many. My heart is broken and a bit empty.

ok, so today, well, it is 1:30 and I am still in my pajamas. I am still in recovery mode from the Hope Summit. I had so much fun, but I pushed my self and am not used to so much activity especially without naps and early bed times! I do have to get dressed soon as tonight is support group. I know everyone there is going to want to hear about the summit, and I hope to convince them to come to it next year!

I spent the weekend getting the garden prepared, I am in charge of the flowers, my husband the vegetables. As I mentioned before, we lost over half of our perrenials to the flooding from the hurricane in September. It was so sad, but on the positive side, starting fresh little by little will be a fun project. (although expensive!)

I think I will purchase my first orchid today in Judy's memory.


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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Thank you Ann for initiating todays air,I really have'nt found the mood to do these last days,seems out of place me here in New York continuing my holiday break.I am enjoying my stay,I met up with Alisa and her friend,enjoyed a meal to-gether.I am doing all the tourist things I missed on my visit last year,World Trade Centre,Central park.I did the sightseeing bus tour,I was very Scotland, upstairs on a open top bus,it started to rain,got windy and cold,glad when the trip was over,well I would'nt want to get off the bus early having paid my full fare LOL,I am not Scottish for nothing.Weekend weather was lovely,sunny 76 degrees,today I tok myself and a book for a lazy read lying in Central Park,no luck Scottish weather returns,rain stop play.Wishing you all a brill day,catch you later,Bye.

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Seems appropriate Ann to keep The Air open doesn't it? It hasn't felt the same since Judy stopped posting. But as you said, she would have said "the show must go on". She would not want us just not posting and moping.

Thank you.

Beautiful sunny day. Did get out a bit, but spent a lot of it resting. I want to do an update on me, but just don't feel like it. Last cycle of chemo is this and next week. I may just survive this thing after all.

Judy in MI

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I feel the sadness here and it has also been a rough few days for me as well. I miss Judy everyday and it is hard to come here and know that she will not be here again. Other things too have not been the best.

I just got back yesterday from a trip to the bay area where we held the memorial for my niece Jacci who passed away on November 30th. It was really hard. Her mom was only 14 when she was born and they lived with us for a good while. I was 10 so my mom pretty much raised all three of us together. Her son in law made a dvd of old pictures put to music and when the ones came up with my mom holding her and her mom holding her it was rough. The one that I didn't expect was one of her and I with my Johnny when they came to visit us in Washington just a few short weeks before I lost him. When she was little she always said that she would marry him when she grew up. Over 40 years later he still thought of her as a little girl. We talked about that Thanksgiving night, the last time that I was with Jacci.

The morning before the memorial my grandson's girl friend lost her dad to throat cancer and liver failure, then when I checked facebook that evening I read about Judy. Such sad days.

But to keep up Judy's air I will say it was pleasant here today not too hot or cool with a few clouds and some thunder in the distance. The heat will start again tomorrow. As always the weather in the bay area was perfect.

So my computer is really acting up. I hope it will post this. Trying to save a lot of pictures and some things that I have written then will try to run a recovery program. Until then I won't be posting much. When I signed on with my new user name I had a new password and can't remember it for the life of me. When I sign on from here it just comes up automatically when I enter my user name but doesn't show what it is so I can't log in from my phone. Maybe I will find it stored somewhere then I can use it.

I hope all of you are doing well. My prayers are always with you. Judy please keep ups updated on your treatments and how you are doing.

take care all. Lillian

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Thank you Mike for Saturday's post and Ann for opening the air today. It may never be the same but posting here will keep her memory alive. Judy had mailed me some canning recipe's that were passed down through her family and now they will be passed down through mine.

Been busy on the farm with calving and working on 2 big projects. Had to drive over 500 miles today for meetings on one of those projects so it's been a long day. Still have 2 cow's left to calve and the vegetable garden to plant so no rest for awhile yet. Take care.

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