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Wondering on Wednesday


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Today I am full of wonders about this particular day in history! For instance, did you know that this is National Senior Health and Fitness Day?

We only need to look to our Bud to see what that can look like.

This one I'm struggling to think of what it would be, but......My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It Day, a day for older country music fans to dig out their Hank Williams 78s and try to find something to play them on. I do remember the 45's, thsoe tiny little records that would have a hit single on them, but I'm struggling to remember what a 78 was!

2006: The FBI said it had found no trace of missing labor leader Jimmy Hoffa after digging up a suburban Detroit horse farm.

Didn't know anyone still cared???????????????

2007: Students at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, celebrated graduation with a late-night skinny dip in a campus pond. A security guard found between 50 and 80 naked students or recent graduates. The guard called police when he "did not get the cooperation he hoped for" from the students. In fact, some students pushed the guard's golf cart into the pond. By the time police arrived, students were either gone or dressed.


Here's a useless one.....1989: The U.S. issued patent #4,834,212 for the Mouth Muffler, a sound-absorbing device that a person may yell or scream into without disturbing other people...........unless of course you live with someone that wants to yell and scream A LOT because then it would be quite useful!


2000:A New Jersey teenager was charged with disorderly conduct after he threw an 11-inch dead bluefish onto the windshield of a passing car. The 15-year-old was reeled in near Egg Harbor Township after police rushed to the scene and found him with the smoking fish at his feet.


So what are you wondering about on this Wondering Wednesday?

Judy in MI

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The reason they can not find Jimmy Hoffa is that they will not desecrate Giants stadium turf. His body is in the End Zone just before you get out of bounds in the back field on south end!!

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Good Evening Everyone,

Weather today overcast,perhaps its just as well, as following a remarkable spell here of wonderfully hot summer days,my entire body is as red as a beetroot,hopefully this will eventually turn me into as brown as a berry.

Been out of doors most days,enjoying myself,today however, I have been working in the garden,I had to take a couple of breaks whilst mowing the lawn,I was so getting out of breath, could have done with Bud helping me out.

Monday evening,another successful night at the outdoor bowling,my partner and I beat all comers to win first prize,we both share the astounding sum of £10 LOL,wonder what I will spend it on?.Our team were just pipped at the post on the bowling clubs quiz night by two points,grrr.OK for you quiz buffs out there, the ones we did'nt get were,what is the collective name for a group of owls?What well known western film is an anagram of "The Wild Snow Caves"?, and finally who was the first heavyweight boxer to lose his title and successfully win it back?.Answers in the next post-no cheating by using google,mind.

Thanks Judy for the mention of the old 78 records,I remember back to my old high school days,just before the time that girls became really interesting creatures to me,my school would put on a dance night periodically for us,this entailed learning Scottish country dancing,taught to us by our PE teachers,this replaced our PE time in the gym and playing soccer,how I hated this,the teachers would arrive in the gym,with an old fashioned record player,I kid you not,with a wind up handle,on it would go 78 records of Jimmy Shand and his band,playing Scottish reels and the like,it was really funny when the music started to slow down when the record player needed re-winding up,all the boys were lined up along the wallbars at one side of the gym,along the wallbars facing us, were the girls,I was full of trepidation,when the teacher would shout out,girls, go and choose a partner for next waltz,its a St Bernard,oh boy,over the girls came,sweat on my brow,just hoping I did'nt get the really unattractive one, as a partner,by the way,refusal to dance with who picked you was not an option.Those were such wonderful memories of my school days.

Well ,case is packed for Liverpool tomorrow,I am staying until Friday evening,to give me a wee bit of time to explore the City,I will go and find the Cavern,the real strawberry fields (after central park).I have'nt visited Liverpool before,I heard theres lots to see.Saturday,its Hikers and Bikers walk around the Isle of Millport,Eric and 300 women,oh the work I have to do for charity,we have a pub which is reserved exclusively for the hikers and bikers at the end of the walk,for refreshments something to eat,and the karioke machine,a super day out,which raises over £25,000 for some very worthwhile charities.

Bye for now,enjoy the rest of today everyone.

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I always wonder where everybody is around here!! Too quiet...

wonder why the sky is blue and so is water!

but grass is green!! :mrgreen:

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I once read an interview with the guy who offed him from face of the Earth and he said he helped bury him.. no one will dig there though to confirm or deny it!!

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Yes, Randy, I read that someplace too. I did not know that is was National Senior Health and Fitness Day. Not feeling so good these days, I don't think I even wanted to know when NSHFD was.

I'm wondering when the neighbor's dog will stop barking.

Hope everyone had/is having a good day.


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I was wondering that about Randy too Sue!!

I have always wondered who really did kill Lizzie Borden's parents?

I am sorry I haven't been on line here all week. I had everyone home for the weekend, with two extra, and although it was wonderful and full of lots of laughter, food and love, it totally wiped me out. When I am this tired it is hard to even think about what to say. Much less type it and proofread it.

Today is hot, muggy, overcast and threatening rain. All the flowers and vegetables need watering, and I have put it off all day thinking the rain was coming, but nothing yet. Yesterday it was very hot and sunny. After the farm, I went to the beach and finally finished my book ( good thing, it was a library book, due yesterday!) I recommend it, Bel Canto by Ann Patchett. . It was actually chilly at the beach, I wrapped up in a blanket to stay warm. That is another thing I wonder about, why people live in a beach town in New England but won't go to the beach because it is hot out? That will never make any sense to me. Florida I can understand, but here it is always cooler at the beach, and you can always sit with your feet in the water.

Yesterday was my 30th wedding anniversary. 30 years ago, in a tiny church in a tiny town called Hinckley NY. We picked multitudes of lilacs from area farms that morning and made them into bouquets and filled vases with them to fill the church. I had a panic attack right before I was to walk down the aisle, not about marrying my husband, but because once we were married we were going to move to Houston. My father told me he didn't care what I did the next day, but the wedding was paid for and I was walking down that aisle today! Throughout the ceremony the priest, a grumpy old drunk tried to talk us out of it, and as soon as the vows were said he announced, well that's it, you can't get out of it now!

30 years went by very fast, and we have been very blessed. I am glad I listened to my father and not the priest!

have a wonderful day everyone,

And keep wondering


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I hope you know I was only joking Randy! It is sometimes hard to convey a smile when you are writing.(although I. suppose that is what the smiley faces are for! :D

I see I am not the only one wiped out by extra activity. I took a 2 1/2 hour nap this morning and was feeling guilty. I am thinking there must be vast differences in energy levels in cancer patients. Not that I am comparing myself to anyone, but it seems when you are at stage 4, as I am, your energy can be really high one day and then after a day or weekend of high activity, you can be just so tired. Today I did not even get dressed until 4pm. I had no place I had to be and I figure as long as I am showered by the time my husband gets home, I am doing okay.

Janet I loved your wedding story! 30 years! What an

accomplishment. I have been married 15 years this September, and was married 13 years the first time. My sisters tell me you DO NOT get to add those years together to say how long you have been married. The second marriage has worked out much better than the first. With a church full of lilacs it must have smelled heavenly there for your special day.

I am wondering, and this may not be a "fun" question, but a more serious one, how do those of you who are lung cancer survivors keep your strong, and positive faces on for your spouse, partner or loved ones when you are not feeling strong and positive? At first I just wore my emotions out there for everyone to see. Now that I appear better, can drive, and have hair, (as short and curly as it may be), everyone thinks I am on the mend and will be all better soon. For my self I have to remember my doctor saying to me, "We will not be able to cure you." I see lots of folks whose stories include lots of NED scans. It is still early for me, but, from what I understand, that will probably never be the case for me. Some days I can live and not let that enter my mind. But, sometimes it does affect how I am feeling, and my positive mood is hard to get out. I am just not feeling it. Those around me, seem to have an even harder time dealing with it. One of my sisters even said, maybe you will get 10 years out of your chemo drug. To me that seems overly optimistic, but I don't say so because I don't want to bring her down. I am wondering how others talk with their loved ones about their own mortality. Their is a value to being positive, but you also can't bury your head in the sand when the cancer is so advanced that they can only provide you with palliative care, or radiation. Nothing can remove it all. I can accept that, but how do I talk about it with others without making them look away, or down, or changing the subject?

Have a great rest of the day!


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Hi Susan,

The last paragraph that you wrote that began with "I am wondering, and this may not be a "fun" question, but a more serious one, how do those of you who are lung cancer survivors keep your strong" contains some really good questions that need attention, not only for you, but also for others going through what you are going through! It is probably not going to be noticed in this Just For Fun Forum because it can blend into the other posts so easily.

Would you copy and paste that into a new post? I would put it in the "Discussion Forums", and then the "General" tab so that it gets the attention it deserves. This will get more eyes on it and hopefully more people can respond to it.

It touched many chords with me tonight as I read it. I'm not stage IV but we have a lot of the same feelings. I would like to respond in depth to this, but would rather do it in it's own forum! I'm so glad you wrote about it tonight. I got home from dinner tonight and felt a lot of things like you talked about. My friends think that now that chemo stopped on Thursday that I'm all better. Oh my goodness.

Anyway, if you want to talk to me or call me, contact Katie and she can give you my telephone #. These questions are important. I'm so glad you brought them up.

If you would like me to help you with this, please send me a private message. I just don't want to take the liberty of doing that for you.

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