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CT Scan is good


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It is awesome that I can report that after surgery, and treatment my results came back today. Praise God that my CT scan shows that I am negative for cancer! They are going to watch me 3 months at a time again, but that does not diminish the good news.

I've been having stomach issues that I attributed to the chemotherapy though. I've continued to lose weight, now 40 pounds since January. If I eat too fast, or too much (which is hard for me to do either these days) I get incredibly nauseated, to the point that I am taking compazine on a daily basis, even though my last chemo was June 24. There are some other issues that I won't go into here, but are also a part of this stomach issue.

He said that the CT scan has found something 'wrong' with the ducts to my liver. I don't have a clue what that means, and it didnt' sound like he did either. He assured me that it was not cancer, but that he wants me to see a specialist (can't remember the kind of specialist he said) to have my organs and stomach scoped to look at what is happening down there.

Tomorrow they will call and let me know when that appointment is and then I'll know what kind of specialist it is :-)

Better news is that on July 18 I will be having my port taken out! He's confident that there is no cancer, so he said it's fine to have it taken out! Yeah! That makes me not worry about the other thing being cancer.

The stomach thing is painful, but he said it's okay to use morphine for it, and that the specialist will help figure out what is going on. The morphine does help so I'm just going to be patient and try not to worry about it.

This second time around was so different from the first time five years ago. I'm just so thankful that it is over.

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Such wonderful news! Congratulations! Keep taking good care of yourself. You look great in your new avatar picture. Enjoy your summer, keep cool and keep us updated on your other appts and results. You are in my thought and prayers. So happy for you.


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Judy, that's really, really good news! Sorry about your "tummy problems," tho.

I'm assuming this is your second port? If so, I hope you have a plan in the event that later you develop some other kind of cancer. (Or is this the port from your first chemo?)

Congrats. on the good news.


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so happy about your good news. I hope the stomache issue is taken care of soon and you will be back to normal. I have really missed you on the "air" not much going on there until recently. Love your picture catch a big fish for me.

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