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Not sure how many of you have facebook. I have been following some posts from Bud and have learned that he has a problem with his lungs. The last I saw he is being tested for tuberculosis. Just thought I would mention it here because I don't see any posts about him. I am sure he can use many prayers right now.

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always have a prayer available and am happy to report all test indicate walking pneumonia which he has antibiotics for and is home resting and recovering now.. thanks Lillian!!!

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Thanks, y'all. It was a crazy week. I felt fine last weekend and even did a 76 mile bike ride on Saturday. But in the middle of the night, Sunday night, I got a fever with chills, body aches, and the whole bit.

My fever broke by Monday morning and I went to work. But it was back by early Monday evening. This pattern just kept coming back, a fever in the night but ok during the day.

Wednesday evening was the fourth day in a row, so I took the time to go to the Dallas VA hospital ER. My symptoms so closely matched that of TB patients, and the chest x-ray, which showed something in what remains of my left lung, couldn't tell if it was TB or pneumonia, so they admitted me to the hospital.

They did a TB test, then a chest CT scan. It takes 2-3 days to get a result from a TB test, but the CT scan showed pretty conclusively that it was pneumonia and not TB (there was no cancer, either).

It seemed very strange to end up with a pneumonia diagnosis when I didn't even have a cold or anything else wrong beforehand. They call that "community acquired pneumonia", when otherwise healthy people get pneumonia. It may be that my surgery damaged left lung will always be prone to this kind of stuff. I'm back home with antibiotics now.

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