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Five Years

Bud Baker

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Today, I became one of the 15 percent of lung cancer patients to survive five years. I have remained cancer free since my surgery on December 20th, 2007. So, by definition, I am cured. I will always have a higher risk of a recurrence or new cancer than someone who has never had lung cancer, and as last week reminded, my surgery damaged left lung may always be more prone to pneumonia and such. Still, I'm liking the sound of that "cured" word very much. A big Thank You to all of you who have supported, encouraged, and inspired me along the way.

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That's WONDERFUL Bud! Congrats congrats congrats! What are you doing to celebrate? A nice dinner? A little get together of loved ones? I'm so excited for you!


My wife and I had planned to go out for dinner, and our daughters were going to join us, but it didn't quite work out. While traveling at 70 mph that morning on a service call to Wichita Falls, I hit a hawk, which had suddenly swooped down out of seemingly nowhere, with the grill of my company truck, limped into a collision center with a leaking radiator, and was late getting home that evening. We'll probably hoist a toast tomorrow evening while we're out with friends, but mine will be a non-alcoholic drink, since I'm still on antibiotics.

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:DAbsolutely the greatest news I've heard recently, Bud! This should make it an especially merrry Christmas and New Year for you and your family and friends. Raise a glass of fizzy water :lol:and enjoy this holiday season.

Here's to your continued good health!


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