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dad's having convulsions - help


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dad is in supposedly the last stage. they've stopped chemo and everything else. now, he's in a lot of pain - back pain and retching and nausea which is due to lesion in brain. he's also having seizures - lots of them. oh god. i just don't want him to be in so much pain. what comes next???

can someone please be honest and not give me the hope bullsh**. i get enough of that from the doctors.

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Ni, have you looked into Gamma knife for the brain mets. Unlike whole brain radiation, Gamma knife is radiation that pinpoints the brain tumors, killing the cancer cells...the tumor is considered dead (only one treatment), and is then-in the time it took to grow in the first place, reabsorbed by the body. I know that you are frustrated, and it is understandable. Is he on decadron, or some other type of anti inflammitory to help ease the swelling of the brain, caused by the tumors. It is actually the swelling that causes the brain malfunctions, ie. seizures or poor hand/eye coordination. Are they giving him anything for pain, seeing as you said he is in his "last stages", it would seem that morphine would be given. The morphine would probably cause him to be in and out of conciousness/although with the seizures, I really am not sure of what would be alright to be given. I know that if/when my dad gets to that stage, I would prefer years ago, and he was put on morphine for the pain. It caused him to be pretty much unconsious most of the time, but at least he was not in any pain. I hope that this was of SOME help. I am sorry that things have gotten to this point for your dad. Please keep us posted. Take care, Deb

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I would suggest getting in touch with the local Hospice ASAP!! They can do wonders in controlling the pain, giving help with how to care for dad at home, how to keep him comfortable, providing someone to come in and help with bathing, etc. They helped us tremendously to honor our dad's and mom's wishes to pass the last days of their lives in their own home.

Your doctor or hospital social worker can tell you more about hospice and help you locate help in your area. Other resources:




This is a terrible time for you. Thinking of you and saying a prayer for strength and grace.

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Dear Ni,

I'm very sorry to hear your dad is nearing the end. I know how difficult this can all be. However, I would like to ask you a few questions please?!

1. I noticed you may be from India??? Is that correct?

2. Is your dad in a hospital or, at home?

3. Are they giving him ANYTHING for his seizures?

I went though some of the same things with my mom, dad, and sister near the end. But, I just want to get all the facts from you first.

Hang in there! I know how painful this is for you too!!!

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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Thanks for the post Ni. I suppose that is something for me to expect in the near future.

I know exactly what you mean about the "hope". Some days all I want is the truth. The hard painfull truth to know what horrible things are next.

I don't know what to say, I'm watching my mom die also. Not much to say.....


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