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Checking in...sorry been absent....Dean update


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Sorry that I have not posted in a while. Not even sure where I left off!

Well, we are "holding on" and trying to remain positive despite everything.

I have continued to pray for all of you. Sorry to read that so many new people are having to seek these message boards for information, hope and help!

Dean had a CT a couple of weeks ago. The CT showed only "slight" shrinkage in the main tumor in the right lung, no shrinkage, and growth in the midsternum lymph nodes and two lymph nodes under the right clavicle that were not infected before are now growing and infected.

Good news was that the brain MRI came back negative and the pelvic CT came back clear also! So...it is spreading but still all within the chest area.

They have changed his chemo from Taxotere and Carboplatin to Navelbene and Cisplatin. He only got the Navelbene last week because his blood count was too low on both white and red.

He was again admitted to the hospital Monday for two more units of blood. This makes 12 units of packed red blood cells he has had to get since end of September! The hematologist/onocologist explained that he is anemic because his cancer releases a chemical that kills the red blood cells. Add chemo to that and he has no chance at not being anemic!

He is feeling bad most days....taking alot of pain meds. He is having throat spasms from the radiation so they have discontinued the radiation treatments for the remainder of the week to give it a chance to heal some.

Because of the spread of the lymph nodes, they have had to expand the area of radiation. His entire chest from nipples inward and half way up his throat are not being radiated. It is a very large area to have radiation to, but he did not have a choice since it had quit responding to chemo! Hopefully the break from radiation for a few days will help. The slurry/swish and swallow helps some with eating, but not with the spasms he has. He has the spasms probably every 10-15 minutes, day and night!

Just been busy with hospital visits, doctor appointments, work and etc..etc..etc.!

Add the fact that I have lost my job as of Feb. 1 because of missing too much work! He had told me when this all started that "don't worry about missing work, if you can work 10 hours a week, fine.."your job will be waiting on you when you return".... Apparently he has forgotten he said that! Apparently from checking, I SHOULD be eligable for unemployment! One blessing...plus now I won't feel guilty for missing work on days when Dean is feeling bad! Trying to remain positive...and optimistic!


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Sounds like you are on a roller coaster ride for your lives. I am so sorry that things are not improving more than they are.

As for the job, I am sorry about that too. I know what it is like to not have a job but that will change when the time is right for both of you.

You are both in my prayers. May you have the time you need to get things going good again and may it be SOON. Hang in there, we are all cheering you on in this battle.

Much love,


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So sorry your Dean is having so many problems with chemo and radiation. I think the radiation is the hardest on the body. My Buddy had a hard time with the three different treatments he had. He to had those spasms but not as often as your Dean. It seemed he would get them everytime it was time to eat.

Sure hope staying off of radiation for a few days will help. Give Dean a big hug from me...give yourself one too. :)

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