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Friday air - music?


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I thought I would open today's air.


January hasn't started out with an upbeat. So I wondered if you would all share what song you listen to when you are feeling down, that absolutely makes you want to get up and dance and for a minute helps you find some peace an happiness? 

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I rock out with, Sirius XM in the car, with Highway C Western... At home, Ellen, on NBC has some pretty happy tunes that make me want to happy dance. I don't have a lot of energy...but like to do a step or two...BWG.  I like most kinds of music...it is good for the soul.  8)

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Years ago I would have picked a song from the 50's that I danced to American Bandstand with.

Later it would have been a song from the 60's I danced to as a teenager.


Now that I have been blessed to become an old lady, having survived lung cancer I would pick Amazing Grace


Donna G

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