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Ok, Done Being Depressed Now.


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Got tired of it. It's fun for a day or so, but it gets boring after awhile. :)

Soooo ..... I stoped listening to Gordon Lightfoot and Sarah McLachlan and have Meatloaf, Steppenwolf and Jetho Tull going full tilt through a set of REALLY good head phones (thereby causing the one brain cell I have left to take a fetal position in the back corner of my otherwise empty brain :)).

Seriously, thanks a TON for all the replies and caring. Though I've delt with many depressions over the years, that was one of the worst. I will most defenatly be talking to my hospice nurse about anti-depressants. I do NOT want to do that again anytime soon.

Thank you.


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Guest cbysea1

Hi Dean,

We don't really know each other but you responded to me in my first days of being diagnosed with sclc.

Thank you for that.

I do read the posts on the sclc boards but I guess I missed the ones about about you being down.

I am very sorry I and can totally relate with you ,on all of your issues.

Go for the meds.

Now is the time for quality in our lives and maybe antidepressants can help you have more of that quality time.

They keep telling me good attitude is foremost in this awful disease.

You are such a giving person by the posts of yours that I have read.

I think you are a very special human being.God bless you.

Cheryl_Child of God

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Dean, soooo glad you are feeling better. You have every right to be depressed so don't feel guilty asking for meds. Hopefully your wheels will arrive soon and getting outside and mobile again will help too. You have been such a help to all of us and your philosophy is good medicine for all of us. Keep the faith.

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an occasional pity party isn't such a terrible thing, and for pete's sake, you've earned it! But I am a big proponent of antidepressants. been on celexa for about five years now, off and on but mostly on. I had clinical depression BAD right after three miscarriages and infertility. tried going off 'em but one cousin died of breast cancer and then 1.5 years later her bro' (my closest cuz') committed suicide. Decided to go back on 'em and glad I did, helped me deal with Dave's diagnoses better I think.

By the way, just want to make my own personal recommendation for celexa. It seems "milder" or something than most of them, at least, for me, no side effects. Dave tried Paxil and it made him anxious I think. So our family doc put him on celexa recently. he hasn't been on it long enough to know how it's doing - those things take like six weeks to kick in. but it's been very good to me.

Dean, I think you have a great attitude, overall, and just remember that getting down is allowed, staying down is not allowed. as long as you know you're in the slide you can put your feet out and stop yourself.

You take care of yourself, we need your wise words on this board every day!

God Bless you my friend,

Karen C.

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You are sooooo cool, that is the right attitude!!! That Sarah M stuff is good music, but can be a downer alright! (I do REALLY like "rainy day people"- saw him (Gordon L) in my college days at Miller aditorium) Glad you are rocking and rolling again. Keep the anti depressant meds in your back pocket as a "if I need em" type of reserve... I have a feeling that you won't. You are a fighter and have a great mental attitude.

I have some good music for ya if you want to private PM me your address.


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Well, Dean...I enjoyed some Meatloaf and Santana yesterday, but to get my blood really pumping, it was Robert Palmer's "Doctor, Doctor (Bad Case of Loving You)"

Had paintin' to do and needed to get my rear in gear...(and had two boys "sleeping" at noon so I cranked it).

Glad to see you back!

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Glad you're feeling better!

My own take on anti-depressants...I'm a 3rd-generation depression-prone person. My mother and her mother both suffered. In our case, the primary symptom is a bad case of the nasties. Anything could pi$$ me off. Took prozac for about 4 years - tried several times to get off. The last time I quit taking it was after I took up running (hence my user name). When my mom was first hospitalized, I called for a refill after a few good fights with my husband.

After a couple of weeks, I noticed the side effects were really getting to me for the first time. Dizzy. Apathetic. So I quit taking it again, and have done my best to stay with the running. Now I feel fine (mostly :wink: ).

Lesson learned...the SSRI's do work, but only if you have the problem they are meant to address.

Either way you do it, hope the big bad D stays far away.

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