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Update on my brother


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Its been a few months since I logged on. A lot has happened. I moved house and located to a different division at work and to be honest, a bit too down to read anymore about lung cancer - but I'm back now. Just thought I'd fill you all in on my brothers progress....

Well, I think the last time I wrote I was saying how much I was looking forward to him returning to Ireland after a 2 month visit to my sister. It was fantastic to see him. However, he got very sick very soon after his arrival home. Lost 10 lbs in about a week and even the doctors couldn't hide their shock at seeing how poorly he looked. He has since started gemcitabene; every 3 weeks x 6 times. He's doing okay. He still hasn't lost his hair but its thinning out. At least this is giving us hope that SOMETHING is working. The first round of chemo he got during the summer did nothing but we're still here hoping and praying.

My sister is coming home to visit in March and will talk to the oncologist to find out the inevitable. She has a family in Australia and wants to spend some time with him before he gets sick..... We're all dreading what he's going to say so fingers crossed he'll say that she doesn't have to come back for another year at least.

He'll be 19 on the 4th of February. It'll be 12 months since he first got sick (well admitted not feeling great) in March.

Apologies to anyone who sent me a private message at not getting back but I can't seem to log into that username anymore..

Taking it day by day.

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Really weird to see your post today, Sally. I was just thinking about you this morning.

I hope this new chemo works miracles for your little brother.

I know it is sometimes hard to be here, but we get so attached to our members and worry so much when we don't hear from them.

Just know we are here to support you.


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Sally, I was glad to see your update. I hope that the Gemzar is the answer-if not, there are many other forms of chemo and clinical trials out there. You are both in my thoughts and prayers. Try to keep us posted, if you can. Even a little blurb to let us know how you and your brother are doing. Take care, Deb

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