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For Dave C... :0)

Guest The Instigator

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Guest The Instigator

Well please don't blame this on Rick and Katie....

But Dave C... I will donate 250 dollars to LCSC.. If you dress up in drag.. lipstick hat and church lady style... and post it here for us. You styling in that hat has made me smile and I would like to extend this offer and of course you are doing it for a good cause!!! :lol::lol::lol: and I will ask that KatieB send you the tax deductabile reciept... :lol::lol::lol:

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Fay and Ry,

My vote is for Karen C., David's loving wife.

I CAN help you narrow the field, it wasn't me! Drag queens don't wear fishin' hats, they wear plunge-necked sequined gowns and pearls (which melt in vinegar as I recently read somewhere...). Personally, I don't WANT to see a real man's hairy chest poking out of a Dior gown - cuz I'll bet on a dare he doesn't wax his chest....Ewwww! :wink:

Maybe "The Instigator" will up the ante if there's waxing involved....it's all for a good cause.... :roll:

...wonder if he took notes in that bar in New Orleans he posted about..... :shock:

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Guest Karen C

Well, it wasn't me, although I will gladly assist him with his hair and makeup. I unfortunately am a plus size so we might find a dress for him.

And don't worry Becky, he doesn't need to wax - he's still fairly hairless all over from the chemo, although he is getting some peach fuzz on his head!

p.s. I don't have $250 go donate, ha!

Karen C.

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Guest The Instigator


I'm so glad to see your up for this fine challange. Others have uped the anty...however your ransom will be sent out to Katie B today.

Prepare oh Dancing Queen! Oh I fear for those first time visitors who click on this post! No brain

mets/chemo did not do this!! :wink:

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