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Rough day

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Hey there! My appt. with surgeon was moved up to this Thursday May 4th. At first I was really glad. But today is a different story. I can feel the anxiety & reality in the fact I have lung cancer. I am upset- now wondering if surgery or treatment is even worth it. I have watched several family members go through surgery & treatments for various types of cancer. My husband passed away almost 9 years ago from lung cancer. He had radiation & chemo right up until the end. Quality of life was poor. My mother & grandfather both died from colon cancer. My Mom lived 2 weeks after diagnosis & my grandfather 6 months after diagnosis. I have had 2 cousins with breast cancer. they are doing well. I guess I am just a bundle of nerves right now. I am not sure of what I want to do. Just thought I would vent & put my feelings out there. thanks for listening to my rambling.

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Hi Brenda, 

Cancer is anxiety provoking, no question about it.  There is hope, though. To me, treatment is totally worth it. I just came back from Lungevity's Hope Summit.. I met  a  lot of people who have survived many years with advanced lung cancers and who have good quality of life, too! I wish you could have been there! There were also presentations about advances in treatment for LC. There are so many new and effective ones that old statistics are no longer relevant and people's experiences are different than they were a few years ago. 

I'm fortunate in that my lung cancer was found and treated early (Stage 1A). I had VATs surgery to remove my right lower lobe and my recovery was easier than I had expected. I don't need any further treatment right now, but I'll have regular CT scans to watch for possible recurrences. The info I got at Hope Summit was reassuring. If my cancer does recur, I know I have treatment options and the prospect of continuing an active life.

You've had terrible experiences with family members who had cancer. I understand your dread. But hang in there! Things are different than they were 9 years ago and your cancer experience is likely to be different than what you've seen.

This site is a good place to get info and support. Keep us informed, both of your treatment  and your feelings. 

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This is a good place to express your feelings. Your concern is a family history and believing family outcomes will occur with your treatment. 

Cancer is a disease of our genes but I don't believe treatment outcomes are strictly governed by genetics. Why?  There have been many advances in treatment and some of these are genetics based. Surgery is a good path to no evidence of disease (or NED) that is our goal. So try that path and see where it leads. 

Let us know how you are when able. 

Stay the course. 


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Hi, Brenda.  I understand your anxiety.  My grandmother had SCLC and had treatment for the entire 13 months she was ill.  But, as Bridget mentioned, there have been amazing advances in both treatment and in management of side effects.  I'm not saying it's all sunshine and flowers, but it's light years ahead of where we were just 5 years ago.  There are so many long term survivors here.  Wouldn't you love to be able to thumb your nose at cancer and say that you won?  We're here for you.  We've walked (or are walking) in your shoes.  

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