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Introduce myself

Mary Lou

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Good morning, Mary Lou.  We're glad that you found us.  This site is an excellent resource for patients, caregivers, and family and friends.  Can we point you in any direction?

You might check out this link to help you get started: 



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Welcome, Mary Lou! We are glad that you found this community. When you're comfortable, please share a bit of information about yourself and why you were looking for a lung cancer support community. We are here to help!

With gratitude,

Digital Community Manager
LUNGevity Foundaiton

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I'm roger, my wife may, out of no where got lung cancer, spread to lymph nodes, liver and pancrea.she just told me she doesn't want chemo, wants to go naturally.she has a terrible cough , nothing helps it and back pain which drugs are helping.when it spreads would chemo help with the cough and pain and give her some time.

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Hi, Roger,

I'm so sorry about your wife.  I am not, myself, a fount of information on the subject, but I do know there are treatments that can make her much more comfortable--palliative care is available to help someone with pain or other symptoms caused by the cancer or by other treatments. Other folks who are more knowledgeable on the subject will be along shortly. Please remember to take care of yourself, as well.  

Glad you found us.


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Welcome Roger,

So very sorry to learn of your wife's diagnosis.

I understand your wife's diagnosis is stage IV lung cancer with a primary tumor in the lung and metastasis in the thoracic lymph nodes, the pancreas and liver.  Further, she does not want to have chemotherapy.  I wonder if you might know the type of lung cancer your wife has.  Some types are controlled with new targeted therapy drugs that do not involve the discomfort of infused chemotherapy.  Might she be interested in this type of treatment?  Here is information about targeted therapy.  Most targeted therapy is used with certain types of adenocarcinoma non small cell lung cancer.  

We have a form of treatment to arrest pain associated with lung cancer called palliative care. Here is information about this type of care.

Let us know how we can help.

Stay the course.


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