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Hi, Sally. It's quite understandable to be scared when starting a treatment.  We don't know how our bodies will react, what side effects we'll endure. Hopefully some of our members who have had taxotere can jump in on this topic. We're here for you.

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Hi, Sally,

I will see if any of our members have experience with this treatment and ask them to chime in on this thread. Keep us posted! We'll be thinking of you.

With gratitude,

Digital Community Manager
LUNGevity Foundation

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Hi Sally,

I had taxoterre along with carboplatin for a non-lung cancer. in 2011  It wasn't pleasant, but I got through it OK. I had some side effects. I'n not sure whether they were from the taxo, the carbo, or the combinaiton. I developed some neuropathy in my feet after the first round. I still have some, but it has subsided over the years and is not a problem unless I wear tight shoes. Then my toes will hurt after a few hours.  I also had severe anemia which resolved with a transfusion. Also neutopenia, low neutrophils (white blood cells that fight infection.}

Be sure to ask your doctor or oncology nurse about neutropenia precautions, You'll probably be told that ANY fever during chemo should be treated as a medical emergency, because you can be quickly overwhelmed by infection, After my neutropenia, I was put on neupogen after each round of chemo and it didn;t recur.

I had hair loss. Oh well, it's only hair. I got a wig but didn't like it. I bought a bunch of cute hats and scarves.

This may all sound unpleasant. But it was worth it because now I'm NED (no evidence of disease)  on that cancer which was Stage 3 and aggressive. BTW, also NED on my more recent lung cancer. I feel well and have good quality of life.

All chemo is scary, I think, and especially one you haven;t had before, But hang in there, you can do it!

Best wishes to you.

Bridget O

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