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Welcome New Moderator BridgetO


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We are excited to announce that BridgetO will be a new LCSC Moderator of the Introduce Yourself and NSCLC forums.

BridgetO is a survivor from Portland, OR. She joined LCSC in December 2016 after being diagnosed with lung adenocarcinoma, grade 1, stage 1a, with a KRAS mutation.

BridgetO is an invaluable member of this community, and we look forward to seeing her shine in her new role as Moderator!

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I'm honored to have been asked to become a moderator for LCSC.  I'm a survivor of 3 primary cancers. I  had a Stage 1 breast cancer in 2008 with a lunpectomy and radiation. Then in 2011, a Stage 3 cervical cancer, a  rare and aggressive type of cervical. I had  a radical surgery, then concurrent chemo and radiation and additional chemo. I had a long recovery with a lot of late occurring treatment side effects, some of which are permanent. During a routine surveillance CT scan for that cancer, a nodule was found in my right lung. In November last year I had a right lower lobectomy, and was diagnosed, as Lauren said, with stage 1 adenocarcinoma, KRAS mutation. I'm now NED on all 3 cancers. Whoo! 

I've learned a lot about lung cancer in the last year, much of it from the Lungevity website and this forum. And I've really appreciated the support and hope I've gotten  from forum members. I've been in a gynecologic cancer support group here in Portland, which has been great. I was hoping to find a lung cancer support group here, but surprisingly for a big city with a big cancer center, there doesn't seem to be one. So this forum has been especially important to me. 

About me: I'm 72 years old. I was a case manager working mostly with adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. I retired, sort of, at age 57. Since t then, I've been working at a variety of jobs, when not traveling or having cancer treatment. I spent a year teaching English in Poland. I've worked both as a volunteer and paid staff  with homeless and recently homeless people. Most recently, I was back working part time as a case manager. I decided to "retire" again a year ago when I began having tests for what turned out to be lung cancer.  I travel when opportunities arise, and I'm always looking for opportunities. I just got back from a women's cancer retreat in Montana. No trips planned right now, but I'm looking for something for spring. I read a lot, do water aerobics 2 or 3 times a week, walk usually daily, do beadwork, and volunteer with a  non-profit group for tree-related activities such as pruning small trees. I'm a member of my Neighborhood Emergency Team (NET, these are called CERTs in most parts of the country.) and I'm working with neighbors on my block to prepare for disasters- the most likely one in Portland is a devastating earthquake. It would be as bad as one of the big hurricanes and maybe worse since there would be no warning. So, as you can see I'm busy. I'm determined not to waste my "rare and precious life" ( I think that's from a poem by Mary Oliver), but to do things that I love and that have meaning to me. I try not to worry about the cancers, but of course I do anyway,  Generally, I am able not to use up too much energy on worrying.

So, Forum folks, please post often. I love to hear what's going on with you and to learn from  all of you.  

Bridget O

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