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Hi I'm new here


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Hello everybody,

I'm here for my dad who is fighting against colon cancer since 2010 and nsclc since 2013 (misdiagnosed in 2010). He's Always been brave and strong but now things are worsening and I am so scared and sad.

So, I count on your advice and support. Please keep us in your thoughts.

Thanks and best wishes to all.


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Welcome.  Your dad sounds tough, fighting two different cancers at once.  I'm sure that can be overwhelming.  Is he undergoing treatment for either or both right now?  

Let us know how we can help you and your dad.  You will both be in my thoughts. 

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Thanks Susan for your kind words!

No, my dad is not having chemo. He had to stop the one for colon cancer past June for tiredness and weight loss.

How can you all help us? Being there, concerning, writing words of encouragement, your advice, prayers -if you are persons of faith-, everything means so much to me...

No need to say, the fear is so big... I just remember what my beloved grandma passed through. She died of uterine sarcoma 11 years after having won her battle against breast cancer.

And my husband was diagnosed with acute leukemia in 2000, just 9 months after our wedding day. He really risked to die in a few weeks or months, but thank God now he's well, that monster is only a bad memory for him.

And now my wonderful dad.I don't want to let him go, not yet, and  my mom -80 yrs old, with several health problems- wouldn't bear such a loss. I don't live with my parents and I have no siblings.

I'm not in good shape in this period, I walk with a cane when I'm outside, after having had severe back pain past August. I'm so worried I can't take care of my dad if things will worsen.

Excuse me for venting, I know everyone has his/her own problems, even bigger than mine so I'm not used to complain. I think I've written all these things because I feel at home and among friends here.

Thanks again and many hugs to all.







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This is the perfect place to vent.  We understand.  Is your dad receiving any palliative (not hospice) care to alleviate pain and discomfort from his cancers? If it is available in your dad's area, you might check into it.  It could give you some peace of mind.  Hang in there and keep us posted.


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Hi Diamond,

I am sorry to hear about your father. I too, have a mother battling lung cancer - a recurrence of NSCLC. My mom is quite strong, as many mother are, but there are days that I see she is tired.  She is also a caregiver for my dad who is disabled due to a movement disorder. I feel your pain, fear, and sadness.  I'm not sure if you live in the U.S. but if you do and haven't gotten in contact with a local agency on aging, they can be a big help.  My mom works with our local Aging and adult Care office and they have been really helpful for her - providing various supplies and education on what's available to them.  She still refuses to get a caregiver for my dad as she still wants to do as much as possible, but knows that the option is there.  

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi Susan and Steff and thanks for your kind words. It's a priceless gift to have friends who understand and help you... Sorry for not having answered before, I missed the notification...

I've taken my dad to the radiotherapist today and she said she prefers not to treat my dad for now, since he has no problems due to the enlarged lymph nodes. I'm so worried because my dad had lost his voice in a couple days, but the doctors said she's not sure this is caused by the lymph nodes, maybe is a common infection.

If my dad's clinical conditions will remain stable, she suggests to have a CT scan in late December and then she'll see my dad (on Jan. 9). Of course, we'll talk with the oncologist too. Anyway, the radiotherapist made her decision considering my dad's lung cancer has always progressed very slowly but that enlargement in the lymph node has been strangely so quick (it happened in 3 months).
I'm scared now the cancers will grow quickly...
What do you think about this and about the loss of voice? 

You see, Susan, I've indirectly answered your question: no, my dad is not having palliative cares because he presently has no pain or particular discomfort. Just think today at the hospital I proposed him to sit on a wheel chair but he refused, preferring to walk (I've kept his hand and helped him, of course). 

Steff, I'll keep in my thoughts you mom and your dad (p.s. no, I don't live in the U.S., as my poor English probably indicates...).  

I thank you all again and, with my family, I send best wishes and greetings.

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Was your dad receiving radiation near his throat or vocal cords? If so, that could be a reason for loss of voice. My mom's current cancer is on her trachea. Her voice has been affected since July. She didn't have a voice for an entire month. Come to find out she had a large pleural effusion and a bad case of pneumonia. So be sure to keep an eye on your dad's blood counts...every sign of infection was there in her blood counts but the doctors didn't pay much attention because she wasn't running a fever. 2 other reasons why my mom loses her voice - breathing troubles/low oxygen level and persistent cough causing everything in her throat area to become inflamed.  Currently her treatment regimen is working and her cancer has not progressed, but she continues to battle cancer related ailments.

So, what I'm saying, my mom usually loses her voice due to things caused by cancer, but not because the cancer has progressed. I'm not saying that your dad's loss of voice isn't related to something more serious and that you shouldn't be concerned, but it may just be yet another symptom of dealing with a chronic health condition. Definitely follow up with you dad's oncologist as they may have an explanation as well.

Take care, 


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