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NED again

Susan Cornett

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I spent the spring and part of the summer battling a recurrence of this stupid cancer.  I lost my hair and had the worst side effects I've endured to date.  I had a clear CT in August, but held my breath until last week.  Results from my PET scan are good; no evidence of disease.  Super Doc said everything looks great and he offered me the opportunity to remove my port.  I'm just going to leave that little piece of hardware right where it is.  I hope I never need it again but it's there if I do.

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Yay for NED again!I know the breath-holding routine. I'm in next week for a surveillance CT for my gynecologic cancer and next  month for the same for my lung cancer. They don't seem to be able to get them on the same schedule.  I'm glad you don 't have to hold your breath now.

If I ever have to have chemo again (I hope not!), I'm going to ask for a port.  My poor veins got worn out from infusions and blood draws. Were they able to do draws as well as infusions from your port?

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Yes, they can access my port for blood draws as well as injections for CTs and scans.  I'm a hard stick but didn't have my port until March of this year.  When I went through chemo in 2016, Super Doc said the infusion room nurses are the best and they won't have any issues sticking me.  Ha!  For one chemo, it took SEVEN sticks to get it started.  Getting it flushed monthly is a minor inconvenience to avoid being a pin cushion.  

I have fingers and toes crossed for you!

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