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Hello everybody.

David Sevey

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Hello All,


My name is David.  I am a 42 with Stage 4 Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer "adenocarcinoma" which has metastasized to my bones.   I have been in this fight since the end of 2011, and the beginning 2012.   

I have had an upper lobectomy, a craniotomy, radiation, immunotherapy, and many many different Chemotherapies.  I am currently on a cycle of Gemzar, and Keytruda.  Unfortunately, there has been 2 hospital stays this month alone.  1 for sepsis which luckily they caught, and other my breathing has decided to significantly reduce itself.  I am here to help others and myself.  I am a father of 2 great kids 12 and 17.  I am blessed to be married to my beautiful wife.  I have spent so much time and energy making sure they have everything they need counseling, support, etc that I really have not done too much for myself.   My cancer is Terminal so eventually, it will kill me, but if i can help it that will not be many years from now.

Thank you and Glad to be here


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Hi David,

Glad you found us, welcome!  It sounds like you and your family have been through a lot with all of the various treatments and battles.  I too came here seeking help and now am (hopefully) helping others by sharing the knowledge I am gaining through my mom's treatment for a recurrence of NSCLC.  The thing I love most about these forums is the support we give one another when it's needed and the quick response to questions that we ask, so please share with us as you feel comfortable and reach out when you need it.  

My mom is currently receiving Keytruda as well, along with chemo (Alimpta & Carbo).  Despite a VERY tough start, she is doing much better and the treatments seem to be working as we have seen the mass shrink enough to have her trachea stent removed (the mass is in the back of her trachea).  She's received 6 out of 8 infusions of the initial treatment plan so far.  I am hoping Keytruda works as well for you as it has for others that I know.  

There are many survivors actively involved on this site and I'm sure you will be hearing from them soon.  There are also many of us caregivers here as well.  Should your wife ever want to reach out, we would love to have her join us. Or Lungevity has a Caregivers Facebook page that is very active.  It is not all "doom and gloom" as I feared when I initially joined.

Anyway, welcome and I'm happy you have joined us!

Take Care,


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Welcome David,

Thank you for telling us of your treatment experience.  I admire your courage and am grateful you have a supportive family.  

I was a bit older at diagnosis (53) and have experienced several medical emergencies during treatment, including a readmission for an infection after a pneumonectomy.  So, I completely understand your situation.  I'm glad you've joined us and hope you will share your immunotherapy experience with others on this forum.  I've read about the new drugs, but there is nothing better than first-hand experience.

Stay the course.


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Hi David and welcome,

My experience is different from yours. I had a Stage 1A non-small-cell lung cancer found in a routine followup CT for surveillance for a different cancer. In a lot of ways we're all in this together. I've found this site to be a really good source of information ans support, and i hopw it can be that for you, too.

You've been through a lot! Hang in there.

Bridget O

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Hi David and Daniel.  So glad to meet you both in such unfortunate circumstances.  I've only been here since July on my limited disease, small cell lung cancer journey.  I don't write much, but the responses are quick and caring when I do.  I hope you can both find some comfort here.

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Thank you so much @SherryZ for you warm welcome. You have my prayers and take care for your cancer treatment. My family has a cancer history since my great grandparents. We have lost 2 family member due to cancer have a tough cancer survivor. Though good luck for your future.

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Hi, David,

Welcome to LCSC. I'm glad to see that you've already connected with several members of this community. We're made up of survivors (including many long-term survivors), caregivers, and advocates, and we're all here to share our experiences and get information as we navigate a lung cancer diagnosis. I started volunteering and eventually working full-time with LUNGevity when my uncle was diagnosed with Stage IV ALK+ lung cancer. We've been fortunate that he's responded well to targeted therapy treatments. He was diagnosed around the same time as you, and we were happy to celebrate six years of survivorship a few months ago.

Please feel free to explore the discussion boards and blogs. You can start new threads to ask questions or share your experiences, or feel free to join in on existing conversations. I am happy to help you find information and resources for yourself and/or your family. Please let us know if there's anything we can do for you!

With gratitude,

Digital Community Manager
LUNGevity Foundation

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