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Show and Tell, the letter "E"


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Well it is the final full week of April, which brings us to the final letter of our HOPE show and tell, the letter "E".

What do you/have you had in your life that relates to the letter "E"?


My share:

E is for EXCITED.  I am so very EXCITED for the trip to DC at the end of the week for the HOPE Summit.  Some of my excitement comes from getting to meet some of you, but the other comes from how excited my mom is to go.  Although she isn't feeling as well as she has the past few months, she is still very excited, which makes me very happy.  She has her portable oxygen concentrator rented, her Rx's filled, a sitter for my dad (someone to TRY to keep in in line!), and she's ready to go!

Can't wait to see you there!

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Thanks Steff,

I missed out entirely on the letter P.  Oh dear, what just occurred to me is that I  have plenty of it due to some urinary incontinence from pelvic radiation.I guess it's not a risk with lung radiation. Bad joke, sorry. I have to go with Steff's EXCITEMENT, since I'm going to Hope Summit, too. See you there.


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I have to go with "E" for "Energetic" because I'm just starting to get some of my old energy back which makes me feel energetic!!

Wish I was going to the HOPE Summit. Bring back lots of info to share!!





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