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Need input-another nodule


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I need help. My history is as follows:
I am 64 years old, in relatively good health other than the cancer and being overweight. I work out 5 days a week.
1992 Gall Bladder cancer
2008 Lung cancer Stage 1B Removal of upper left lung.
2017  Lung cancer Stage 1A Removal of upper right lobe

At my 6 month post-surgical visit they found another nodule in my lower right lung. Said it was still too small  (10 MM)to be concerned with at that point in time. I go in 4 weeks for my next Cat Scan and then the following week to the oncologist.  If it has gotten bigger they are considering surgery if I can pass the Pulmonary Function test. Has anyone had this happen?  They said if surgery was indicated they should be able to do just the wedge  surgery. Has anyone had surgery after having both upper lobes removed.
I will be honest, with my history I am not holding out much hope for anything but that it is cancerous. Would like to think positive, but....

The closer it gets to scan time, I have more and more trouble keeping myself from going down the dark rabbit hole. 

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Oh, crap.  I'd be anxious, too.  I do know that I've had nodules "appear" and "disappear" between scans.  So maybe it's just inflammation or something (that's what they speculate mine was).

Have you ever had chemo or any other kind of nonsurgical treatment?  Remember, surgery isn't the only tool in the toolbox.  

Fingers crossed--keep us posted!

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Yes, I've had a pulmonary lung function test.  One blows into a device and it measures, indirectly, what one's lung capacity is.  It is painless but does leave me "breathless."

I've had an entire lung removed and have about 38% of total lung function remaining.  I've lived a total of 14 years with my limited capacity and there are things I can't do (run, climb hills or multiple stairs) but I get along pretty well.

I understand the dark rabbit hole and would like to encourage you occupy your attention with anything else.  You've had scanziety before and this is kind of the same thing.  As my father was fond of saying: "only worry about things you can control."

Stay the course.


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It does sound scary. But stay out of that rabbit hole. You're not a rabbit and so there's nothing down there. for you!  The nodule could be something else, like Lexicat said. If it is cancer, it's tiny and they can probably get it with a wedge resection. Hang in there!  Just put one foot in front of the other, one day at a time. I'm thinking good thoughts for you.

Bridget O

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