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Any help for Iressa skin?


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I was just wondering if anyone new of any remedies to relieve the itch or dryness/burn caused by the iressa? My dad was prescribed a pill called Dioxycylin?? somethin like that.. Anyways has anyone heard of it...Im a little concerned that a medication will counter act badly with the iressa?


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I am not on iressa but I do have pretty bad itching,flaking and a few burns from Whole brain radiation.I found a cream that is working good for me.I live in Georgia and this stuff is made here so I am not sure how easy it will be to find.It is called Sween Cream made by the coloplast company in Marietta,Ga.I found it in a local drugstore here.If you cannot find it email or pm me and I will send you some if interested.They have a toll free number on the jar that I just noticed.800-533-044.Maybe they can tell you where to get it.Hope this helps.TBone

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I wash with cetaphyl - which is very soothing. You can get it at any drug store. I just started using Udderly Smooth lotion on my body which is a great cream and not oily at all. For my face, I keep it moist with neutrogena moisturizer with sunscreen. While our instinct may be to try to dry the rash since it seems like acne, mine responds much better to moisture.

Good luck.

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I don't know anything about the pill your dad is taking so can't help you there. I would also have a concern about drug interactions and I think you should check into that.

As for the dry skin, it seems to be a never ending problem coupled with that wonderful rash that's not a rash. :roll: My husband has found that the St. Ives lotion, Whipped Silk works well. If your dad gets the rash as Lisa says, anything moisturizing will help, don't dry it. Our oncologist reccomended the Aveeno products but we haven't tried them yet.

Good Luck, Rochelle

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