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Chris Todd

Chris Todd

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Hi My name is Chris & I am from New Zealand.  I was diagnosed with 2 primary cancers in November last year. Lung cancer and breast cancer.  I finished Radiation therapy at the end of March this year - I was unable to have chemo as I had a heart attack 15 minutes into my first session.  My lung now has 2/3 inflammation from the radiation and I have had a cough for the past 14 weeks.  The oncologists have been trying all sorts of different medication to stop the cough but nothing is working.  I know that in the greater scheme of things a cough doesn't seem to be important, but it is making me very depressed, tired and I am starting to feel very isolated as I don't want to talk on the phone or socialise with people.

I wonder if anyone else has had this inflammation & if so what your doctors did about it?

Thanks, Chris

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I put months by mistake - should read weeks.
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Hi Chris and welcome. Wow, you're in a tough situation! I haven't heard of anybody else having a heart attack during chemo. And I haven't had radiation to lungs, so no experience to share. I can understand how it would make you feel depressed and tired to have a cough all the time with no end in sight. I had a nasty bronchitis about 6 weeks after my lobectomy and the cough lasted for a few weeks. I can imagine how I would have felt if it had gone on for over a year! I hope you'll hear from others on these forums who can share relevant experiences and advice with you. Hang in there!

Bridget O

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I had a nasty persistent cough after stents were put in my trachea to reinforce a suture repair surgery after my right lung was removed. My airway was very sensitive. Here is what I did to ease the coughing.

1. Used a humidifier in the living areas of my home. 

2. Took an over the counter drug Mucinex to thin secretions and reduce the duration of coughing. 

3. Turned on the shower to the hottest setting and sat in the steam. Breathing steam was very soothing and helped me with productive coughing. 

4. Used a prescription inhaler called Combivent, especially before I would leave the home. 

5. Stayed in doors during pollen season and tried to remain in a clean air environment. 

Hope these ideas help. 

Stay the course. 


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Hi Chris,

I echo what Tom suggested.  My mom had a nasty cough due to a tracheal stent. She was unable to sleep and was exhausted from nonstop coughing. She tried a lot of different things. She was prescribed Tessalon Perles from her docs. It helped a lot. She also continues to take musinex daily.

Take care 


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I just completed radiation to my lungs last week. I have a dry, usually non productive cough. I use a cool air humidifier which helps a bit. I get short of breath easily.  I have restarted the breathing exercises they showed me at the hospital and I am starting some stretching exercises. Has your doctor suggested a pulmonary therapist to help you with breathing exercises? I hope you get some help.

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