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Best friend diagnosed


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I can’t think of a memory that doesn’t in some way involve my best friend. More than a friend or sister, she is my sky. I love her beyond air. 

She has not been formally diagnosed as she is still doing tests to see the extent of the metasis. We have seen the lung tumor via a cat scan and it measues 4.7 x 3.5 cm in left lobe. She has bone metasis in spine, 2 ribs, and her thigh. She is in pain but no shortness of breath. It’s a train coming to crush us. 

‘I would do ANYTHING to help her survive. I quit my job n have moved in next door.

I am trying to read about the cancer though it makes me sob. I am glad to be here to learn anything 



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Hi BooJulie,

The diagnosis of lung cancer (any cancer, I suppose) is earth-shattering, but as you read the threads on this forum, you'll find there are a lot of long-term survivors and you'll get a lot of good advice, ideas and encouragements from them. :)

Everyone's journey is different, but for me, someone physically next to me (as in being/visiting with me at my house) was the biggest help (along with someone graciously driving me to scary appointments and walking my pup when I wasn't able to).  I'm thinking your moving next door to your friend is already a huge help she herself hadn't imagined. 

If you'd like to learn about it, you could start here - https://lungevity.org/for-patients-caregivers - but feel free to ask us questions.


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Hi BooJulie,  I'm sorry to hear about your friend's cancer.  My suggestions to you are to learn all you can about cancer and sustain hope for your friend's survival. Let us know how we can support you.

Bridget O

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Hi Julie, 

It must have been a terrible shock.  One of the things I have learned since being diagnosed is to stay away from internet statistics.  The internet is a scary place!  You and your friend might want to read this essay: 

https://www.cancerguide.org/median_not_msg.html    I found it to be very helpful.   Your friend is blessed to have you to support her through this next journey.  Diagnosis is not prognosis.  One day at a time on the path forward to recovery.   


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I'm sorry your friend was diagnosed but she is lucky to have you in her corner.  Make sure you and your friend jot down all of your questions and take them to her appointments.  Also, make sure her team tests her cancer for genetic markers.  Certain types of cancer respond well to targeted immunotherapy.

Please keep us posted.

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