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All Shipped Out!

Rower Michelle

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I know I will feel better just writing this stuff down. Yesterday was an administrative nightmare.  It took 7 hours on the phone  to get my Alectinib refilled yesterday!  The refill date coincided with the COBRA effective date.  I had hubby send the COBRA payment in 5 weeks ahead of time since I've rarely seen a COBRA payment processed correctly on the first go round.   We had to bust through the bureaucracy of 4 companies and their eligibility systems to have my COBRA payment reflected. At one point the specialty pharmacy vendor customer service representatives were actually yelling at the medical insurance company's customer service department after 4 transfers and plenty of misinformation.  

 So you've got to know when I got one of those happy automated customer service e-mails "how did we do". I actually took the time to fill it out in detail!! Yikes.  If you all are dealing with commercial insurance, know that each inquiry has a unique tracking number.  Ask for that and keep it in your records. Yesterday's round about will end up on an outlier report that will  make for interesting reading at some poor sod's quality service committee meeting.  

The mountain of paperwork got ALL SHIPPED out this afternoon!  HOORAY.  It took six weeks, 50+ hours, 2 doctors, 1 attorney, 1 CPA and 2 financial planners to pull all this STUFF together. I sent it with tracking, signature required.  So now what I need to be prepared for is the next round of whatever gets lost or isn't completed to the insurance company standard.  Bird shot compared to the MOAB I had start in January.  

For now I feel like the major distractions will be much more manageable and I can once again focus full time on my wellness programs.  Maybe chair yoga on Mondays??  

Thanks for helping me through this and letting me whine about it.  Happy to help anyone who has to go through the long term disability process to share lessons learns,.  Jersey Strong.  Onward!   


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Wow I’m glad that’s behind you and I pray I don’t have to deal with that. Cancer is enough to deal with. Now relax and take care of yourself.  

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