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Barbara R

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Hi, I am new to this forum. I'm presently 2 weeks post lobectomy and I am floundering with lack of information. My follow up surgeon appt is tomorrow.  all I know so far is that frozen section was cancerous but that's it! Can someone tell me if I will get the path report tomorrow or will I be sent to an oncologist?

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Welcome here.

You should receive a preliminary pathology report tomorrow if 2 weeks post op.  I say preliminary because most suspected lung cancer receives two biopsy tests these days. If the visual examine (called a histology exam) reveals non-small cell adenocarcinoma, non-small cell squamous cell or small cell, then a second exam will be performed to check for the presence of cancer cell biomarkers. This second exam report may or may not be available tomorrow.  Here is a further explanation of lung cancer biopsy. For those with an adenocarcinoma, certain biomarkers in the sample, called driver mutations, may point to new treatments called Targeted Therapy.  For those with squamous cell, the second exam checks the tumor for the presence of PD-1 and or PD-L1 proteins. Certain levels of these proteins point to suitability of immunotherapy as a treatment method.

Tomorrow, however you should know if the biopsy shows cancer and if so, the type (either non-small cell or small cell) and the subtype (adenocarcinoma or squamous cell).

The surgeon will likely refer you to an oncologist if the biopsy indicates cancer.  If not, you are likely done.

I hope for good results.

Stay the course.


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Hi there, and welcome.

As Tom said, you can probably expect a pathology report by tomorrow.  Two weeks is more than enough time, most of the time, for at least an informal report (my formal report took a wee bit longer than expected due to a debate between my surgeon and the pathologist).  But before I had the formal report, I had the most important preliminary info--that my nodule was adenocarcinoma and there were no signs of spread to the lymph nodes that were removed.  My tumor sample was never checked for biomarkers because I was Stage 1b.  

I was referred to an oncologist, and after meeting with him we decided not to do any further treatment.  I just go for regular scans to make sure everything stays good.  So that would be the ideal outcome.  You already know it's cancer, but the details will dictate what comes next.

Be sure and let us know how you make out tomorrow--we have a lot of collective experience here and it's a great place for support.

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Hi Barbara.   Welcome.  I am also 2 weeks post op from an upper right lobectomy.  Tom and Lexi have provided some good information.   I was told immediately after surgery that I had Stage 1 Adenocarcinoma NSCLC.  They’ve sent the lung and lymph nodes for more extensive testing.  The first test results I am getting is whether or not the cancer spread to my lymph nodes and other parts of the lobe that was removed.  I am getting those at my first follow up with the surgeon next Monday.  They are doing additional biomarker testing on the cancer.  That will tell me whether or not my cancer has any genetic identifiers.  Those identifiers will help predict if I can expect recurrences and what the treatment would be if recurrence does happen.  I’m told those results take four weeks.  


Im glad you’ve found this site.  It’s provided a ton of support for me during this.  Good luck with your appointment tomorrow



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I too had a lower right lobectomy in November’18. I have developed stage 4 kidney disease and lymphoma of my bone marrow, making treatment difficult.

with all research and alternative treatment my hopes are up ,since I have another spot in my upper right , my oncologist is keeping a close eye.     Glad I found this cite.

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Hi, Barbara,

We just wanted to check in and see how you're doing. Please post an update when you can!

We are here for you,

Digital Community Manager
LUNGevity Foundation

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