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CT guided needle biopsy completed


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Thought I'd share this for everyone to see if interested.  I had the procedure yesterday.  Here's the "report" my husband emailed to our family:  "Brief note: The biopsy procedure was a lot tougher than Irene expected.  Nevertheless, Dr. (a she) was able to pull out a small specimen for biopsy exam. Owing to the circumstances (small target, lung history, etc.) Dr. told us she would only make one attempt to get specimen and there was a 50/50 (or greater) chance she would come up with nothing.  Nevertheless, Irene elected to proceed and we got lucky.  The specimen likely is large enough to ascertain malignancy, but may be too small to do genetic analysis (to help select treatment regimen).  Should have some results next week."

So that's where things stand at the moment.  I must add, I got scared yesterday when she outlined the risks involved for me. . .almost pulled out, but hubby was there to encourage me to "go for it."  Now I'm glad I did.

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I’m glad it went well.  I was really frustrated that a needle biopsy wasn’t an option for me.  I had to have surgery to know.  I reallly hope there are improvements in diagnostic options soon.  

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