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Here we go again.

Road bum

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My second round of chemo included Keytruda and it bombed out. The tumor grew from 1.9 x 1.3 to 3.6 x 2.6. I pushed my oncologist to do a biopsy a little, but it wasn’t hard to talk her into it. We both wanted to know for sure what we were dealing with.

Needless to say, my Doc started me on my third round of chemo. 

After 4 rounds of treatments she did a CAT and a PET scan two days ago and I got the results today.

Finally, we have things going in the right direction. The report showed it has shrunk by .3 so it is now 3.3 x 2.6.

We will do two more treatments and then she said she would give me a break from the chemo for awhile.

How long do the breaks usually last? I forgot to ask my Doc.


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