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Update On Post NED Immune Therapy Tecentriq


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As I shared with the group a short time back, after a year of NED (no evidence of disease), I was diagnosed with a local, limited recurrence of Small Cell Lung Cancer (Jan 2019) (I.e in the same location as original disease with no regional or distant Mets)

I received 4 , 3 day cycles of concurrent Chemo (Carboplatin & Etoposide) and Immune Therapy (Tecentriq - day 1 of each cycle only) with three weeks between each cycle. 

Findings from post treatment May 1 PETCT  found complete regression/response to treatment.

Since May 1 I have continued on Tecentriq Immune Therapy (only) every three weeks and on August 1 had my first (Post NED) 3 month surveillance PETCT and am happy to share that there continues to be no evidence of disease, and no areas of concern requiring more frequent monitoring .

Next Scans will be in November, (PetScan in addition to Brain MRI) so for now it’s back to Immune Therapy every 3 weeks, and living life.

I’m grateful for the support of family, friends and this community among others since my 1st diagnoses back in October 2017. 

As always happy to share whatever additional information may be helpful to others 

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