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CT Results (good) and Burpees (?!)


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I had my first 6 months scan yesterday (I had four 3-month scans til last April) and fortunately I only have to wait about an hour as my beloved radiation onc tells me the results.  ALL GOOD, he said.  "oh good" - I must have sounded very unenthusiastic (I'm usually very animated) cuz he said "so you don't look relieved, what's still worrying you?"  I wasn't sure.  This scan was a lot more nerve wrecking than others perhaps because I had never gone that long without being scanned and my scanxiety was pretty bad.  So I was very relieved but I guess it wasn't sinking in right away. Silly me.  No worries, though, it finally hit me as I was brushing my teeth last night, so I was shaking my money maker to Gloria Gaynor's "I'll survive".  My poor dog, somethings can't be unseen...

A couple of days ago, a coworker of mine (who runs ultra marathons - as in he runs 50 miles at a time for fun.  Nuts.) challenged me to a "burpee off" during a banter - if you don't know what a burpee is, that one, you can google (medical stuff, don't google).  I love it, but most people hate it with passion.  Because I've always looked so healthy(?!) throughout my LC journey, only a handful of my coworkers know about my diagnosis and he's not one of them.  Before last May (surgery), I'd have called his bluff out and done it right then and there with my high heels and all, but ever since I've become a single lung holder, any burst of movement makes me out of breath, so I hadn't done any burpee since the surgery.  But how dare he challenge me! I thought.  So I did 10 last night to see 1. if I can do it and 2. how long it'd take me to do 10.  Took me 31 seconds, not bad for not having done one over a year.  Of course I was totally out of breath and felt dizzy, but dang it, I will kick his butt! 


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