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Anxiety, Fear, Ignorance, Impatience and surprise


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As I suspected....sleep still evades. Still reading older posts and following older journeys.

But what strikes me (this is not very profound) is that it really is Anxiety and fear and lack of knowledge and Impatience (and shock) which dominate many posts, especially early posts. You can almost feel these feelings abating as more test results come, treatment options understood, plans made and action taken.

It entirely mirrors my own experience. Less fear of death, resignation, depression and fatalism than I had expected.

Bless all of you..past and present..who contributed (and continue to contribute) to this board.



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Your observations are spot on, the early days of this experience is so surreal it’s hard for anyone who is outside of our inner circle to really comprehend.   I heard from someone recently that being diagnosed with lung cancer is like being stranded in a foreign county. Not knowing the language and no immediate road map to find your way home.  
If you’d like to make your insomnia increasingly more productive, you might want to check out the GO2FOUNDATION Lung Cancer Living Room on YouTube.  It’s also a wealth of informative from some of the top oncologists.  They are two hours with the introduction of group members during the first 40 minutes.  The 2019 sessions were very interested.

Sleep will happen.....Carry On   


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