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Flu shot and immunotherapy


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My lung buddy is on Keytruda.  She got  vaccines for pneumonia, shingles, and the flu shot every year.   She didn't get sick from the flu shot but her hubby went down for the count for a few days! I read in the paper that the flu shot is another mis matched year, so who knows if it really helps?  Couldn't hurt to have some added protection.  

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Thanks Michelle. I read that too. I fear a head to toe rash like I got after last year's flu shot. While I'm not getting infusion, I know it's still in my system.  I think I might take my chances and pass this year. Wondered what others are doing.  Thanks for the info. 

Have a good trip and fun in the sun.


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According to my mom's onc, there are no known issues with Keytruda and flu shots.  My mom has actually gotten hers in the infusion room, while getting her keytruda infusion.  She hasn't had any issues.

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