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RET with high PD-L1


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I was daignoses with RET mutation. High PD-L1.

Doctor put me on Keytruda. We will do scans in 8 weeks.  If the cancer stops growing or reduces in size I will continue on keytruda. 
If the treatment does not have a positive effect, doctor will add chemo to my treatment. 
Does anyone have an experience with Keytruda?positive results? Side effects?RET? 



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My first 4 treatments were Keytruda, Altimta & carboplatin. I have been on Keytruda & Alimta maintenance since June. I have had very few side effects but am not just on Keytruda so you will probably have fewer side effects if any. The tumor in my right lung had gotten smaller until my last scan when the size increased slightly. I have some bone and lymph node mets but it's not in any other major organ. I had SBRT radiation on the lung last month and am hoping for good results on my next scan. 

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In case you haven't seen this, the FDA has just granted an accelerated approval to selpercatinib (LOXO-292; Retevmo) for the treatment of patients with RET alteration–positive non–small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). I had been watching the trials since it looked very promising.

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